Photographer shares how he captured the perfect solar eclipse picture

FORT WORTH, Texas — Photographer Matt Otero has worked for the Associated Press in its Dallas bureau for nearly 30 years. During that time, he had covered annular and partial solar eclipses, and was ready for the challenge of photographing the only total solar eclipse of this magnitude that he would likely cover in his […]

2 men seen on camera toppling boulders at Lake Mead National Park

Two men landed in the Commonwealth. authorities radar Earlier this month, two people were seen on video pushing a rock over at a national park in Nevada, with the daughter of one of the suspects apparently watching in horror. The National Park Service announced Saturday that park rangers were searching for the vandals who appeared. […]

Brazen armed robber swipes loads of Nike items from NYC Foot Locker

A brazen gunman waltzed into a Bronx Foot Locker and stole a ton of designer clothing, then whined on his way out that an employee had dared to push him away during the crime, police and officials said Sunday. did. According to police, an unidentified suspect robbed a store on Third Avenue on April 9 […]

Ramones relatives’ legal feud threatens to derail Pete Davidson-led Netflix movie

The Ramones are locked in a lawsuit between the punk legends’ relatives. A long-simmering feud threatens to derail a Netflix movie scheduled to star Pete Davidson as the band’s iconic singer. Linda Cummings-Ramone, widow of guitarist Johnny Ramone, sued singer Joey Ramone’s brother Mitchell Hyman and his manager David Frye in January for allegedly trying […]

Why Sen. John Fetterman doesn’t agree with Biden’sapproach to Iran

Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pennsylvania) said in an interview Sunday that he disagrees with President Biden’s position that the United States will not participate in offensive operations against Iran, adding that President Biden “will never surrender to the edge.” No,” he said. of his party. CNN host Jake Tapper responded to Fetterman over a report that […]


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