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Cavs Hire Kenny Atkinson In Disaster Move, Sources Say: REPORT

News flash! LeBron James is not with the Cleveland Cavaliers anymore, yet his front office spirit tragically lives on.

In a “LeGM-like” move, the Cleveland Cavaliers hired Kenny Atkinson to be the next head coach of the team, sources told ESPN. Arguably, James has had his way with the coach of every organization he has been a part of. There is a reason the internet has memed and labeled him “LeGM.”

The move wreaks of a player-picked decision as the Cavs are working to extend all-star guard Donovan Mitchell. (RELATED: Cavaliers Fire JB Bickerstaff After Losing In Near Sweep To Celtics, Though The Move Makes Zero Sense: REPORT)

With former Detroit Pistons head coach Monty Williams available, Atkinson is the wrong guy for the job. I think Atkinson has been appointed to the helm because Mitchell wanted him there and the Cavs want Mitchell to stick around Cleveland.

Atkinson accepted the head coaching job for the Charlotte Hornets in 2022 but got cold feet, opting to stay as an assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors, ESPN reported.

As a Cavs fan, I don’t want a guy who can’t make up his mind on whether or not to move up the chain of command. Atkinson is known for developing up-and-coming stars, which the Hornets had at the time, and the job warranted more money. So, why decide to stay in a lower role with less money and an older team? Feels off to me.

NBA teams have a serious problem with putting the star player’s opinion over the front office’s. Teams need to stand up and trust their front office officials before they field input from players when it comes to new coaching hires.

At the end of the day those players are, more times than not, out for themselves and could care less about how they leave the team when they sign elsewhere or demand a trade.

Mitchell better get extended this offseason for this hire to bring any positives to the table. If not, the Cavs just got stuck with a coach who just isn’t as qualified as other coaching candidates in the basketball world.

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