CDC drops five-day isolation rules for Covid-19 infections

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday rescinded its long-standing five-day quarantine guidance for people who contract the coronavirus.

Under the latest guidelines, the CDC says people infected with the coronavirus can only return to work or society for one full day after their fever has subsided.

“Today’s announcement reflects the progress we are making to protect against severe illness caused by COVID-19,” said the agency’s director, Dr. Mandy Cohen. said in a statement.

The CDC announced Friday that people who test positive for the coronavirus can return to work within 24 hours of developing a fever. –

“But we still need to use the common-sense solutions we know work to protect ourselves and others from serious illness from respiratory viruses, including: That includes vaccinations, treatment, and staying home when you’re sick.”

Isolation guidelines have not been updated since December 2021, with the CDC reducing the recommended isolation period for asymptomatic Americans to five days from 10 days in previous guidance.

The announcement follows reports last month that policy changes were being considered due to the declining number of infections.

The number of new coronavirus infections in the United States is declining overall, with 17,300 people hospitalized and 510 deaths in the week ending February 17, the most recent. CDC data is available.

CDC Director Dr. Mandy Cohen speaks at a press conference at Whittier Street Health Center.
Dr. Mandy Cohen said the rescinding of the guidelines “reflects the progress we have made to protect against severe illness from COVID-19.” Boston Globe (via Getty Images)

COVID-19 was the third leading cause of death in the country at the beginning of the pandemic, but it fell to number 10 last year.

However, the updated guidelines do not affect employees of nursing homes and other health care facilities. According to the CDC, health care workers should follow recommendations to stay home for at least seven days after symptoms appear and obtain a negative test within two days of returning to work.

Although the guidelines have been significantly scaled back, health officials are still urging sick people to take extra precautions for the first five days after infection.

People infected with COVID-19 are encouraged to stay home for up to 24 hours after developing a fever, get vaccinated, wear masks, and practice social distancing, all of which are similar to other highly contagious viruses. reflects the guidelines.

“While not all respiratory viruses behave in the same way, adopting a uniform approach to limiting the spread of the disease makes recommendations easier to follow and therefore more likely to be adopted. It also eliminates the need to rely on individuals to test for the disease, although data show this method is heterogeneous,” the CDC said in an announcement.

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