Chad Johnson claims to have inside info on Russell Wilson’s next team

After years of tormenting Steelers fans, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson may have given them a reason to smile.

Johnson said on “Nightcap” that Pittsburgh plans to acquire QB Russell Wilson this offseason to solidify the most important position in the game.

“Little Birdie told me, and I’ve said this many times on the show.” Mr. Johnson said, “Russell Wilson is coming to the Steelers.”

Time will tell if Johnson scooped ESPN’s Adam Schefter with this report, but the move could make sense for both parties.

Wilson could be heading elsewhere after being sidelined by the Broncos due to contract issues.

NFL Network reported that Wilson could potentially restructure his contract to remain in Denver, but head coach Sean Payton appears to want to move on from Wilson.

Wilson isn’t the same quarterback he was in Seattle, but the 35-year-old threw 26 touchdowns and just eight interceptions last season.

The Steelers are hoping Kenny Pickett lives up to his draft position or that veteran Mason Rudolph can repeat his impressive run to the playoffs after starting the season as the team’s No. 3. It is possible to use such a performance.

Russell Wilson may have played his final game for the Broncos. Getty Images

There have already been reports that the Steelers are discussing whether to make Rudolph the starter, indicating that the Steelers are in a difficult position despite appearing in the postseason last season.

The Steelers were the favorites to sign Bears quarterback Justin Fields as of last week, but Johnson insisted Fields was headed elsewhere.

“No, he’s going to Atlanta,” Johnson said. “I received the script.”

Chad Ochocinco Johnson talks about Russell Wilson.
Chad Ochocinco Johnson talks about Russell Wilson. @aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Johnson’s dual report would contradict a recent report from former MVP Shaun Alexander, who said Wilson was indeed headed to the Falcons.

This rumor creates some interesting hot-button chatter ahead of a quarterback-centric draft that will impact many teams’ quarterback plans.

The Steelers aren’t in a position to acquire one of their top three options, but if they decide Pickett isn’t the long-term solution, they could potentially pursue Michigan quarterback JJ McCarthy. be.



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