China Accused of Flooding Britain With Counterfeit Postage Stamps

British authorities have accused China of trying to flood the country with counterfeit postage stamps, an act of industrial sabotage and part of the “economic warfare” often associated with World War II. It is a form.

A sudden increase in counterfeit postage stamps discovered in the UK has sparked a surge in complaints from unsuspecting customers who have received letters with counterfeit items in the mail, but the culprit is that a Chinese company is selling them for just a penny each. It turned out that this was because the company was offering to print 1 million stamps a week. .

Although stamps can be purchased through the Post Office and other retailers in the UK, it is claimed that counterfeit stamps are supplied by wholesalers to small shops, who then sell them to customers, whether honest or dishonest. . The fake stamp scandal comes just two years after Royal Mail introduced QR code-type tracking data on stamps to combat counterfeiting. This new system may have made it possible to detect perfectly printed counterfeits.

A Communications Workers’ Union spokesperson accused Royal Mail of “inertia” and said it was punishing recipients of fraudulent stamps rather than trying to stop them from entering the system in the first place. .he Said around telegraph paper: “This appears to be a fraud of a fairly unprecedented scale…Royal Mail has a duty to stop and resolve the issue at the source, rather than penalizing customers and shifting the blame onto them.” .

“There’s a sense of inertia at Royal Mail on this. I wonder if they’re in denial about this scale. [scam] And they want it to go away. ”

Royal Mail, on the other hand, blamed the stamp flood on the hapless British Border Force, a central figure who was unable to seize control of the border and said it was their job to intercept contraband. he claimed.

Alan Mendoza of the Henry Jackson Society Said The mass printing of fake stamps must have been carried out with at least the tacit approval of the Chinese Communist Party. As such, he said, the stamps are “a clear form of economic warfare and should be condemned for what they will do to China’s economy if left unchecked.”

Chinese government officials dismissed claims that China was somehow involved as “baseless” and “low-level.”

The flood of counterfeit stamps is reminiscent of earlier economic wars, such as World War II, when Britain and Germany printed huge amounts of money to weaken each other’s economies and sow mistrust. Britain and the United States also printed fake German stamps during World War II and used them to post propaganda inside Germany. Spies working for Germany were sometimes unwittingly paid with fake British funds.