Chinese Firm Sent Biden Enterprise $3 Million As ‘Thank You’ For Work When Joe Biden Held Office, Comer Says

Rob Walker, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, was hired by Chinese company CEFC as a “thank you” for Joe Biden's work as vice president, according to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer. He admitted that he wired $3 million.

Walker, who is a key figure in the Biden family's business dealings in China and Romania, testified before Congress on Friday night about the Biden family's relationships with both CEFC and Romanian oligarch Gabriel Popoviciu, Comer said. (Related: 5 Questions We Need Answers from Biden Vice President Rob Walker)

“Today's interview confirmed that Hunter Biden and his associates' work with Chinese state-run energy companies began more than a year before Joe Biden resigned as vice president,” Biden said. “The couple and their associates withheld Chinese payments while Joe Biden was in office,” Comer said. press release.

“Shortly after Joe Biden left office, a Chinese company paid Hunter Biden and his associates $3 million as a ‘thank you’ for the work Joe Biden did during his time in office.” Members of the Biden family received payments from the China deal even though they were not working on it,” Comer added.

CEFC's account, State Energy Hong Kong, reportedly transferred about $3 million to Walker in March 2017, shortly after the end of Joe Biden's term as vice president. bank records and Hunter Biden's federal taxes indictment In California. Walker transferred about $1 million of his funds to Biden family accounts and $1 million to a company connected to business associate James Gillier. (Related: Biden business associate admits he wasn't sure what Hunter actually brought to the table, Comer says)

Read the indictment:

According to the oversight committee, Walker met with Joe Biden and CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming, and the Biden family and their business associates worked at CEFC for more than a year before Joe Biden left office. He said he confirmed that.

Walker previously told the FBI that Joe Biden met briefly with CEFC officials after he became vice president. transcript Excerpts from an interview Mr. Walker gave to the FBI in December 2020.

The tax indictment states that the relationship with CEFC began in late 2015 and began there. Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to federal tax charges on January 11th.

Another former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, reportedly told the FBI that Hunter and his uncle, James Biden, began their relationship with CEFC when Joe Biden was vice president. . FBI memo.

CEFC did not pay the Bidens for their work until they received a cable from State Energy Hong Kong. Hunter Biden and James Biden formed a joint venture with CEFC and Hudson West III in late 2017 that raised approximately $3.5 million for the Biden family, according to the indictment.

Walker said in his book: opening statement Joe Biden has said he had no involvement with the company while in office or as a private citizen and claims to the contrary are false. His testimony is part of the House Republican impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden's son's alleged involvement in lucrative foreign deals.

Former business associate Devon Archer said: testified Joe Biden says he has spoken with his son's business associates about 20 times and met with them in person many times. He detailed how the Biden family's “brand” protected Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings when Hunter Biden was on the board. (Related: Burisma cuts Hunter Biden's pay when Donald Trump takes office, new indictment revealed)

Comer said Hunter Biden's business dealings with Popoviciu began when Joe Biden was vice president, and at one point Hunter lobbied the U.S. ambassador to Romania on his client's behalf, Walker said. he admitted.

“Additionally, while Joe Biden was leading anti-corruption efforts in Romania, Hunter Biden and Rob Walker began an unspecified business relationship with Romanian businessman Gabriel Popoviciu,” Comer said. .

Mr. Walker also acknowledged that he and Hunter Biden had received payments from Mr. Popoviciu starting in 2015 and that they continued throughout the remainder of Joe Biden's term as vice president. “In exchange for a large sum of money, Hunter Biden traveled to Romania to discuss Mr. Popoviciu's foreign case with the U.S. ambassador to Romania,” Comer added.

Mr. Popoviciou's Cyprus-based LLC wired approximately $3 million to Walker in numerous payments between November 2015 and May 2017. bank records And the accusation program. The Biden family's account received $1 million of the payments from Popoviciou.

Hunter Biden's testimony is scheduled for February 28th.



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