Joe Biden Teaming Up With The Clintons For Fundraiser

The Pro Trump News home page features 60 new headlines every 24 hours, click here to see them. Joe Biden is working with the Clintons to help. They plan to attend a fundraiser in Virginia next month. Axios reported: President Biden and former President Clinton are planning to work together at a major fundraiser in […]

Joe Tsai makes it clear what he wants his Nets role to be

Joe Tsai may want to one day pass the Nets on to his family, like George Steinbrenner did. But don’t expect him to become the face of the franchise and have the same flamboyance as his late boss, except this time in Brooklyn instead of the Bronx. Tsai has made it clear three times since […]

Donald Trump attacks Joe Biden, trial judges in Memorial Day post: ‘Human scum’

Former President Trump used Memorial Day to attack the judges presiding over his civil and criminal cases and call his political opponents “human scum.” After the Truth Society Posting with solemn remembrance Early Monday morning, President Trump slammed President Biden and the judge in a lengthy statement. “Happy Memorial Day to everyone, including the human […]

‘Scranton Joe’ Biden’s Troubles in Pennsylvania Perplex Democrats

President Joe Biden, also known as “Scranton Joe,” is facing low support and enthusiasm from Pennsylvania Democrats, a problem that has baffled party officials. Biden, a Scranton native, has sought to portray a blue-collar image to win over the state’s working- and middle-class voters. The state Promote, move Biden is widely expected to win the […]

Nate Silver idea of Joe Biden leaving presidential ticket is ‘ridiculous’

Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Fla.) said in an interview Sunday that pollster Nate Silver’s suggestion that President Biden will drop out of the presidential race is “absurd” at this stage in the election cycle. “No, that’s not worth having a conversation about,” Moskowitz told Fox News’ Shannon Bream during an interview on “Fox News Sunday” when […]

Patrick Kennedy Endorses Joe Biden for President over Cousin RFK JR.

Former Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy (Democrat) has endorsed President Joe Biden in the upcoming 2024 presidential election over his cousin, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. During an interview with CNN Trade Union Statusson of former Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy (Democrat) and former member of the House of Representatives. Explained Biden is the […]

Joe Biden Facing Problems In Key State

The Pro Trump News home page features 60 new headlines every 24 hours, click here to see them. If Joe Biden wants to win in 2024, Pennsylvania will be a key state for him. Donald Trump is leading Biden in Pennsylvania, 47.8% to 45.5%, according to the Real Clear Politics average. New reports suggest Joe […]

Son of Communist Cuban Prime Minister Requests Joe Biden’s ‘Humanitarian Parole’

Manuel Alejandro Marrero Medina, the son of Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, had been accepted as a beneficiary of the Biden administration’s “humanitarian parole” program, but US authorities ultimately denied him a flight permit to enter the country, Martí Noticias reported. report On Thursday. In January 2023, President Joe Biden’s administration established a “humanitarian […]