Growing Number Say Joe, Hunter Did Something Illegal, Unethical

The number of voters who believe Hunter and President Joe Biden have done something illegal or unethical regarding their family’s business has increased in the past four months. The increase comes from House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-K.) in March and a Biden family business associate in 2017 who received a $3 million wire […]

Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu trade barbs over Israel reform

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday reacted sharply to President Biden’s proposal to withdraw plans to overhaul the Jewish state’s judicial system, calling Israel a “sovereign state” capable of making its own decisions. Stated. Biden said on Tuesday he was “extremely concerned” about Netanyahu’s controversial plans. “I hope he walks away from it,” Biden […]

How Joe Schoen is tackling Giants’ new ‘problems’ in Year 2

Go behind the scenes at Big Blue Sign up for Inside the Giants by Paul Schwartz, a weekly magazine exclusive to Sports+. PHOENIX — 1 year later, 1 year better. So is the case with Joe Shane, the Giants’ second-year general manager. Around this time last year, Shane was roaming Florida’s Breakers Palm Beach Resort, […]

Joe Biden Skips Deadline to Correct False Denial of Family China Payout 

On Monday, President Joe Biden corrects a false statement set by House Oversight Committee member James Comer (R-K.) that his family never received any payments from China in 2017. I missed the deadline. On March 17, Joe Biden falsely claimed a $1.3 lump sum payment four members of the Biden family received through associates in […]

Only 25% of Democrats Prefer Joe Biden Launch 2024 Campaign 

Only 25% of Democrats want President Joe Biden to start his 2024 re-election campaign, a Monmouth College poll showed Monday. According to media reports, the figure marks a dangerous low point for the president, who is set to announce his 2024 campaign in April. Only 25% of Democrats want Joe Biden to run again. […]

White House Says Joe Biden Will Veto House GOP’s Energy Bill

The White House said President Joe Biden would reject the House GOP’s main energy bill package “in its current form” if it passed Congress, arguing that it would not help Americans. The White House said Monday that the Biden administration is “strongly opposed” to the bill and that the president could veto the energy package. […]

Joe Douglas puts Lamar Jackson conversation to rest

PHOENIX — There are some thoughts that the Jets should pivot to Lamar Jackson if things go wrong with Aaron Rodgers, or to scare the Packers into making something happen. Jets general manager Joe Douglas put an end to that debate at a league meeting on Monday. “First of all, Lamar Jackson is a great […]

GOP senators tear into ‘unqualified’ judicial nominee: ‘Skill and merit are low on Joe Biden’s priority list’

Exclusive: Republican senators said President Joe Biden’s nominee for the U.S. District Court for Colorado was stymied for the post after being baffled by Senator John Kennedy, R-La., during a confirmation hearing last week. are called “unqualified”. Justice of the Peace Kato Cruz was unable to answer Kennedy’s questions about how to “analyze” Brady’s movements, […]

JASON ISAAC: Joe Biden’s Energy Policies Are A Train Wreck — Literally

Just weeks after the toxic shipwreck in East Palestine, Ohio, another massive train derailment occurred in West Virginia. 12 such accidents will occur in 2023 —Many people wonder if train accidents are on the rise. More train derailments since Biden took officeone of the surprising contributors is the government’s energy policy. Biden’s energy policy could […]