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Christian ‘Ashley Madison’ couple speaks out about Netflix portrayal

In 2015, infidelity dating site Ashley Madison was the subject of a data breach by hackers calling themselves “Impact Team,” who threatened to release users’ data to the world if the site was not shut down.

When the website’s creators refused, the hackers kept their promise and more than 60 gigabytes of company data, including user details, were exposed.

The life of Christian family YouTubers Sam and Nia Leder was changed forever when the incident occurred, and Nia’s husband, Sam, was on the list of men who had created accounts on the site.

The two agreed to tell all in a currently-streaming Netflix documentary about the website and data breach, but when it was released they weren’t too happy with the way their story was portrayed.

“It was as if he’d transposed the idea of ​​infidelity onto YouTube, repeating one vice after another,” Sam says. Allie Beth StuckeyI pointed out that they had him say certain lines.

“‘The validation I wanted outside of my marriage was replaced by validation on YouTube.’ That’s what I said in the documentary. Those are the words they drilled into me, those are the words they made me say, and I regret the words they drilled into me,” Sam explained, adding, “Starting YouTube didn’t save me from the infidelity.”

The documentary also suggested that Sam had been sleeping with Nia’s friends.

“A lot of people have asked me privately, even friends and family, ‘Which friends has he slept with?’ and I’m like, ‘I haven’t slept with any of my friends,'” Nia says. “They make it seem like he was having a lot of sex, which he wasn’t.”

Nia was also unhappy that she was treated as if she had quickly forgiven Sam for his infidelity.

“It was like an Ashley Madison thing, coming forward and making it seem like she was a fool and forgave him,” Nia explains. “It took years of hard work, intense counseling, and long, hard conversations before I was able to truly forgive him.”

“I held on to it for a long time and questioned him every day about the past and the present. The journey from what I hoped would be forgiveness to actually being free was truly terrifying,” she added.

Though the couple isn’t happy with the portrayal of their struggle with infidelity, Stuckey can’t help but notice that Netflix ended their story on a positive note.

“I’m glad they allowed you to bring your faith into it and showed that there was reconciliation and redemption at the end.”

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