Christian Sentenced to Life in Prison under Pakistan’s Blaspheny Law

lahore, PakistanFebruary 19, 2024 (christian daily international–morning star news)A judge sentenced a Christian to life in prison under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws for social media messages his relatives said were posted using a stolen cellphone, officials said. Fanson Shahid, 56, was assaulted at his home in Lahore. arrested According to his wife, in March 2022, he […]

Trump Is the ‘MouthPiece’ for the Christian Nationalist Movement

Film director Rob Reiner said Monday on MSNBC’s “The Beat” that former President Donald Trump was a “spokesperson” for the Christian nationalist movement. “They’re not right-wing, they’re not left-wing, they’re nothing but Donald Trump,” Reiner said. He added: “There are very conservative Christian evangelicals, pastors, very respected people in the Christian community who are afraid […]

John Piper: ‘Political Flag Waving’ Has No Place in Christian Worship

Author and theologian John Piper recently stressed during a contentious election season that there is no “political flag waving” for “Christian worship.” On a recent episode of the “Ask Pastor John” podcast, Piper, currently president of Bethlehem College and Seminary in Minneapolis, answered a question from a listener named Matthew about the distinction between telling […]

Christian Horner investigation: FOM seeks quick resolution to Red Bull investigation

The 2024 F1 season is just days away, with pre-season testing scheduled to begin at 10am local time (2am ET) on Wednesday at the Bahrain International Circuit. However, one of the biggest storylines facing F1 as the season approaches is the internal investigation into Red Bull team principal Christian Horner. Currently, F1’s commercial rights holder, […]

Greece Becomes First Orthodox Christian Country To legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Demonstrators holding sacred icons take part in a rally against same-sex marriage in central Syntagma Square on Thursday, February 15, 2024 in Athens, Greece. Greece’s parliament is scheduled to vote on Thursday to legalize same-sex marriage. It was a first for an Orthodox Christian country, despite opposition from the influential Greek Church. (AP Photo/Michael Balakras) […]

50 Percent U.S. Divorce Rate Is a Myth, Christian Researcher Says

Christian author and social researcher Shonti Feldhahn debunks the urban myth that America’s divorce rate is 50 percent. “When I started looking at the Census Bureau tables and the CDC tables and the Vital Statistics Bureau tables, that’s when I thought, ‘Wait a minute, this doesn’t fit the story at all,’” Feldhahn said. . cloves […]


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