Colorado tanker truck erupts in flames, video shows, following Interstate-70 crash that left 1 dead

A tanker truck burst into flames after an accident on Interstate 70 in Colorado, and then a vehicle was caught on video swerving and heading in the wrong direction.

One person was killed in a fire in suburban Denver on Thursday, and a busy road was closed for several hours as first responders cleaned up the scene.

“Initial information indicates a westbound semi-truck overheated and parked on the right shoulder of the road. The vehicle collided with the trailer,” the Colorado State Patrol said on the X.

Video taken by drivers at the scene showed the raging inferno blocking Interstate 70.

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On Thursday, May 17th, a tanker truck was seen catching fire on Interstate 70 outside of Denver, Colorado. (@belkoracin/TMX)

A horn was heard as the vehicle turned and black smoke from the fire billowed into the sky.

“Spilled fuel flowed through the culvert and across the eastbound lanes,” the Colorado State Patrol said, adding that the culvert “needs to be inspected for fire damage.”

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I-70 tanker fire aftermath

The wreckage of a tanker truck that crashed on a major east-west highway in Colorado, Thursday, May 16, 2024, near Denver. This collision caused a large fire. (AP/Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office)

Colorado State Patrol Trooper Gabriel Moltler told The Associated Press that the tanker truck involved in the accident was carrying diesel and gasoline.

Smoke and flames from I-70 tanker fire in Colorado

The driver of the tanker truck has been hospitalized following the accident and fire. The driver of the vehicle that collided with the tanker truck was killed, authorities said. The accident occurred in Morrison, Colorado, a town near Denver. (@belkoracin/TMX)

The driver of the car died in the crash and the driver of the truck was taken to a local hospital, authorities said.

Firefighters responded to tanker fire in Colorado

Firefighters respond to the scene of a tanker truck fire along Interstate 70 in Colorado on Thursday. (AP/Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office)


The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday that “several small fires were extinguished and hazardous materials teams were requested.”