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Columbia indefinitely suspends students after an anti-Israel event featuring a speaker with links to terrorism

Columbia University has indefinitely suspended four students who attended an anti-Israel event last month that featured a speaker “known to support terrorism.”

The event, known as “Resistance 101,” was held on March 24th at a “campus residence facility.”fox news digital report Columbia University President Minoush Shafik said the university had “already banned twice” such events in the past.

“It featured a speaker who is known to support terrorism and promote violence. Let me state for the record that this event was an abhorrent violation of our values,” Shafiq said.

The event reportedly Khaled Barakatare believed to be members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a terrorist organization in Gaza and the West Bank. However, Barakat denied any ties to terrorist organizations, the report said. columbia spectator.

After this incident, Shafiq wrote: “I did not become president to punish students. At the same time, actions like this on our campus must have consequences. The very fact that I have to declare something like this “While this is alarming, I want to make clear that it is completely unacceptable for members of this community to promote the use of terrorism and violence.”

Shafik also said the university was in the process of identifying students who took part in Thursday’s “Doing All for Al-Shifa” solidarity protest. The event was reportedly organized by student workers from Columbia University Apartheid Divest and Columbia United Auto Workers.

The students involved “will be subject to disciplinary action based on our policy,” Shafiq said.

During the “Doing All for Al Shifa” event, one student said, “Columbia has made us homeless, taken away our jobs on campus, our only source of income, taken away our scholarships, and taken away our access to dining halls.” “They are also taking away access to classrooms.” And the education we have received. ”

Instead of taking responsibility for violating campus rules, the student said, “Today, as of 8 p.m. last night, I am one of six Columbia University students who have been unjustly and inhumanely suspended from Columbia University.” I stand before you as a human being.”

“I am a student with a disability on a full scholarship and accepted into federal work-study, and although I have been provided housing, I received 24-hour notice that I will be evicted from university housing.” . All of this was done with no public hearings and no due process seen. Shame on Colombia.”

The Columbia Spectator reported that the chief operating officer said: Cath Holloway said The university has “requested an outside firm led by an experienced former law enforcement investigator to investigate” the Resistance 101 incident.

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