Parents Enraged over ‘Racist’ School Art Contest Entry Featuring LeBron James

A student art contest at New Hartford Central School in Utica, New York, is under fire for allowing artwork that some have called “racist” to be displayed. The artwork was reportedly a parody of a cereal ad, which resulted in some raised eyebrows. The pseudo-cereal product is called “Monkey Premium Cereal,” but the bigger problem […]

Columbia indefinitely suspends students after an anti-Israel event featuring a speaker with links to terrorism

Columbia University has indefinitely suspended four students who attended an anti-Israel event last month that featured a speaker “known to support terrorism.” The event, known as “Resistance 101,” was held on March 24th at a “campus residence facility.”fox news digital report Columbia University President Minoush Shafik said the university had “already banned twice” such events […]

Columbia suspends students over anti-Israel event featuring speaker linked to terrorist organization

Columbia University has suspended several students over an anti-Israel event last month that featured a speaker “known to support terrorism,” the university’s president announced Friday. Columbia University President Minoush Shafik said in a statement that “a number of students have been suspended as investigations continue” into the March 24 incident “which occurred in a campus […]

Tim Scott launches new video series featuring Black GOP congressmen

Senator Tim Scott (RS.C.) We have started a new video series A spotlight on five Black Republican members of Congress. The series, which aired its first video on Friday, delves into what it means to be a Black Republican in the context of the 2024 presidential election and political landscape. The series is called “America’s […]

‘Not Going To Be Bullied’: Pro-Palestinians Force Young Republicans To Reschedule Event Featuring Israeli Diplomat

The Republican Party organization was forced to reschedule a general meeting scheduled for an Israeli diplomat to speak on Tuesday after threats from pro-Palestinian protesters. of Houston Young Republicans Texas was scheduled to host Israeli Consul General Livia Rinkrabib at the General Assembly before two venues were canceled following threats and protests from pro-Palestinian demonstrators. […]

UK agency lifts ban on racy Calvin Klein ad featuring singer FKA Twigs

The UK government agency that regulates advertising has partially lifted a ban on a risqué Calvin Klein campaign featuring scantily clad singer-songwriter FKA Twigs. The Advertising Standards Authority ruled in January that the brand’s advertising campaign for last year’s spring collection featured images that were overtly sexual and objectified the singer. The agency determined that […]