Construction workers being replaced by AI robot bricklayers

Imagine being a bricklayer.

They work all day in the hot sun, bending their backs and knees every time they handle bricks, hands peeling away from the mortar.

It’s not a career that’s on most young people’s dream list.

That’s where the robot bricklayer developed by Monumental comes in. This could save him a spine or two in the construction industry and in the process.

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AI-powered robots lay bricks. (monumental)

How does a bricklaying robot work?

Monumental bricklaying robot is an agile, artificially intelligent machine that moves around construction sites like a self-driving car. They work in his team of three people. One person grabs the bricks, the other brings the mortar, and his third, the star of the show, stacks the bricks with precision.

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

bricklaying robot 2

Bricklaying robot at work site (monumental)

This is done using two tower cranes that can stack the bricks from the ground to the top of the first floor of the building. For higher floors, the robot can climb up on a scissor lift.

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The bricklayer robot then autonomously deposits mortar and lays the bricks. This process still requires human masons for pointing, smoothing mortar, and installing wall ties.

bricklaying robot 3

brick laying robot (monumental)

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How much does a bricklaying robot cost?

Monumental’s robots are much more affordable than traditional robots, costing just $25,000 each. But Monumental doesn’t sell its robots. We sell bricklaying services. Like European human masons, they are charged brick by brick and at a similar rate.

It also provides a human mason to supervise the robot and handle tasks that the robot cannot perform. However, Monumental’s bricklaying robots can work faster than humans by forming swarms, which is impossible due to a lack of human labor.


bricklaying robot 4

Bricklaying robot equipped with artificial intelligence (monumental)

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Are these bricklaying robots going to take your job away?

Now, don’t panic about these robots taking your jobs. These bricklayers are like helpful assistants who fill a critical gap in the labor market. With more than 500,000 construction worker vacancies in the United States alone, including an acute shortage of skilled bricklayers, there is plenty of work to be done.

bricklaying robot 5

brick laying robot (monumental)

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The startup behind the bricklaying robot

Monumental is a startup trying to revolutionize the construction industry with bricklaying robots. The Amsterdam-based company was founded by experienced entrepreneurs and AI experts who have been working in secret for two and a half years. Now they are ready to announce their solution. It’s a fleet of robots that can build faster and smarter, working with humans rather than against them.

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Cart important points

Who would have thought that robots could become such helpful construction workers?

They may not be taking anyone’s job away, but they are definitely making bricklaying much easier for the backside and future of the industry. Remember, there’s still something special about a brick wall carefully crafted by human hands. These robots are there to assist, not replace, the craftsmanship of human bricklayers.

So what other jobs do you think could benefit from this kind of “robot assistant” approach? No matter how efficient they are, what tasks would you not want a robot to take over? Do you have it? Please let us know by email.


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