Bumble laying off 350 workers, 30% of dating app’s workforce

Bumble on Tuesday announced plans to lay off 350 employees and reduce its workforce by 30% as part of a major restructuring plan. The dating app’s horizontal hiring is characterized by the fact that only women can initiate chats with male suitors, but the CEO, who took over in January after previously serving as CEO […]

Sony Lays Off 900 Workers After Warning Of Fall In PlayStation Sales

Tokyo: Sony PlayStation announced Tuesday that it will lay off 8 percent of its global workforce, as the technology industry continues to be affected by a wave of layoffs. PlayStation chief executive Jim Ryan called it “sad news” and said the cuts would affect 900 people around the world, including at video game production studios. […]

Sony lays off 900 workers from PlayStation division amid video game slump

Sony Interactive Entertainment said Tuesday it will cut about 900 jobs at its PlayStation division and close its London studio, as the video game industry struggles to recover from the post-pandemic downturn. The layoffs, which will affect about 8% of the division’s staff in regions ranging from the Americas to Asia, come days after Sony […]

Majority of Alabama Mercedes workers join UAW as Southeast’s union battle heats up

A majority of workers at the largest Mercedes-Benz factory in the United States have voted to join the United Auto Workers (UAW). The announcement marks another important milestone for the union in its campaign to organize auto plants in the Southeast, where labor rights have traditionally been recognized. “There comes a time when enough is […]

FAA panel rips Boeing’s ‘disconnect’ between management, workers on safety culture

An expert panel that investigated Boeing’s safety management processes found a “disconnect” between the company’s senior management and employees regarding safety culture and raised other concerns. The committee’s report, released Monday, was directed by Congress in the wake of two Boeing 737 MAX crashes in 2018 and 2019 that killed 346 people. The report criticized […]

Female workers making $18k less than males in Australia

Women workers in Australia earn on average A$18,461 less than their male counterparts, new company-level pay statistics reveal. Pay comparison data for all employers with 100 or more employees released by the Office for Workplace Gender Equality on Tuesday revealed that workers’ pay packets are sharply divided between men and women. Nationally, the median income […]

Republicans would cripple the IRS by forcing its workers back into the office

In the bustling corridors of power where the future of American governance is being debated, a new battleground has emerged, both surprisingly intimate and all-important. It’s an office space for federal employees. The Internal Revenue Service, the linchpin of the federal government’s machinery, has become the epicenter of the debate, as Republican leaders have issued […]

Why tech companies are laying off thousands of workers

Big tech companies have cut thousands of jobs since early 2024 as the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and rising interest rates upend the tech industry. Although the overall U.S. job market remains remarkably strong, tech companies have cut nearly 40,000 jobs in the first two months of 2024, according to Just last week, […]


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