Cyndi Lauper’s son faces boot from posh NYC pad for allegedly smoking weed, late-night screaming and thumping music

Cyndi Lauper’s troubled son could get away with being the next-door neighbor in an upscale Manhattan neighborhood filled with blaring music, late-night screams and the stench of weed, court documents claim. are doing.

Deklyn “Dex” Roper-Thornton’s landlord filed an eviction petition last month to force the 26-year-old rapper out of his $7,200-a-month apartment in a glass high-rise in the Financial District, according to a New York paper. Petition in county civil court.

Roper Thornton, the only son of music icon Cindy and her Law & Order actor husband David Thornton, moved into a luxurious one-bedroom with postcard views in October. , allegedly violated numerous lease rules.

“I’ve never had any problems with my neighbors,” a former tenant told the Post on Friday.

“Then a new tenant moved in… and soon I started hearing very loud music at the strangest times, like 3am and 7am. “It felt like there was a club,” the man said of Roper Thornton’s apartment, located in the 19 Holland Street building.

Deklyn “Dex” Roper-Thornton’s landlord filed an eviction petition last month to evict the 26-year-old rapper from his $7,200-a-month apartment in a glass high-rise in the Financial District. Stephen Hirsch

The former resident said he decided to move out shortly after discovering a bullet in the hallway near his apartment the day after he confronted Roper Thornton about one particularly wild night.

Roper Thornton has been arrested twice, in February 2022 in Harlem for allegedly possessing an illegal gun, and in July 2022 in Hamilton Heights, Manhattan for allegedly possessing a stolen Mercedes.

The night before the shooting, the “True Colors” and “Time After Time” singer’s son entered the building’s management office “with a marijuana blunt object and visibly intoxicated,” an email said. court documents allege.

Roper-Thornton allegedly threatened that if he didn’t fix the email, he would come back with people and hurt everyone’s faces. “I’m going to break your leg. I’ve got friends and I’ve got an uncle who’s going to screw you over. Don’t play with me, because I’ll bring someone else and destroy this whole place.”

Other residents were alarmed after hearing constant screams coming from his apartment and alerted building management.

“Residents advised that the yelling, yelling, and shouting sounded extremely aggressive in nature and was filled with explicit language and threats of physical harm,” the filing states.

Another woman reported that she was “worried for her safety because of constant screaming and noise.”

Roper Thornton has also received a number of complaints about cigarette and marijuana smoke allegedly wafting from her apartment, despite a clear no-smoking policy in place in the building.

Deklyn “Dex” Roper-Thornton and the music icon’s mother
The rapper, the only son of music icon Cyndi Lauper and Law & Order actor David Thornton, was arrested on gun possession charges in February. Bruce Grikas/Getty Images

His alleged antics became so destructive that one tenant claimed in court papers that their apartment was no longer “inhabitable.”

Tenants who were forced to leave said the noise was by no means a one-off.

“I was hearing disturbing music every other day. It was 2 a.m., 3 a.m., 4 a.m. a lot of times,” said a former tenant, who asked not to be named.

“One weekday I had an important meeting and the music was so loud that I woke up at 3am the night before. I could feel the bass. I put on my robe and I tried to stand up to him in a nice way, but he couldn’t hear me, so I banged on the door really loud.

“He tried to take the high road with me and said, ‘Oh, this is how you talk to people?'” I said, “Yeah, it’s 3 a.m., so I can’t do anything too nice.” I won’t.” So we had this conversation for 30 seconds. I left, but the music continued,” he added, adding that he found the bullet next to his door the next day.

After residents began asking for concessions to compensate for Roper Thornton’s bad behavior, the landlord served him a notice and subsequently terminated the lease on March 15.

Martin Meltzer, the building’s attorney, declined to comment when contacted by the Post.

“We are discussing ways to resolve the situation,” said Roper Thornton’s lawyer, Darryl Vernon.

The lawsuit comes just months after Roper Thornton’s father shelled out $20,000 in cash to bail him out in a mass shooting case.