David Wright talks Mets’ third base job and youngsters battling for it

PORT STREET SEA — David Wright is an interested observer of how the Mets’ two young third basemen will respond to last season’s rookie struggles.

The former Mets captain and third baseman arrived Tuesday for two days of spring training, which will include promotional activities for the club, and said he is willing to speak to Brett Batty and Mark Vientos if asked.

But Wright also doesn’t want any distractions during his short visit.

Mets legend David Wright said he thinks the big league experience that Brett Batty and Mark Vientos had last season will help both players. Corey Shipkin of the New York Post

Batty and Vientos are competing for the third base spot in camp after scuffling last season and bouncing back and forth between the Mets and Triple-A Syracuse.

“I saw both. [Tuesday] And it’s hard to say what someone looks like,” Wright said in Clover Park. “But I think through their drills and their body language, they just got a taste of what the big leagues are like and they got a little bit more comfortable.

“Last year was in some ways a difficult year for young players, because in order to grow you need to understand what failure looks like and how to bounce back from that failure in order to be successful. I think that will be good for them in the long run.”

Wright said David Stearns spoke to him shortly after he was hired as the team’s director of baseball operations last offseason.

Wright said he is content raising his three young children in Southern California and has no interest in a role within the organization.

Brett Batty, who is competing with Mark Vientos to be the Mets’ third baseman, laughed during the Mets’ spring training on Monday. Corey Shipkin of the New York Post

Wright also said he introduced himself to coach Carlos Mendoza. But Wright isn’t going to force his way into the Mets’ clubhouse.

“If they want to sit down and talk, feel free to say so,” Wright said, referring specifically to Batty and Vientos. “I don’t think I can help them much on the field or with their swings, but I think I can be beneficial between the ears, dealing with New York, dealing with the ups and downs, successes and failures. ” ”

As for the Mets’ chances of making the playoffs this season, Wright is encouraged by the team’s depth.

“We may not have the premier marquee players that were at the front of the rotation last year,” Wright said. “But with 162 games played now and injuries throughout baseball, that depth is going to be very important in the middle of the summer.”

Mark Vientos makes the peace sign at Mets spring training a few days ago. Corey Shipkin of the New York Post

According to Mendoza, DJ Stewart will be used as a first baseman this spring for added versatility.

Stewart played right field, left field and DH last season, but has never played first base in a major league game.

The Mets held a clinic for 75 Special Olympians after Tuesday’s practice. Players and staff participated in the Champions Clinic, which has been held every spring training since 2015.



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