Deadspin vilified a young Chiefs fan over face paint. The boy just did his painted victory dance in person at the Super Bowl.

Last year, Deadspin disparaged a 9-year-old Kansas City Chiefs fan who wore face paint to a game. This article was written by Deadspin Senior Writer Caron Phillips. Suspect The boy “found a way to hate black people and Native Americans at the same time.”

The family of the kidnapped child filed a lawsuit against Deadspin last week. Fortunately, the boy didn’t have to wait for a big legal victory.

Holden Armenta donned more paint and feathers to cheer on his team Sunday, watching in person as his team defeated the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in Super Bowl V.

according to The Washington Examiner, a group led by Patriots prayer host Eddie Smith, said,in-game skins” Co-host Maurice — known online as native patriot – and Anthony Chavez More than $11,000 was raised to send Armenta to the big game.

GiveSendGo Campaign I got it.“We believe in supporting Holden’s Super Bowl.” [sic] He dreams of fighting back against the unfair treatment he received from the media. Our goal is to send Holden to the Super Bowl so he can experience the joy of being a die-hard Chiefs fan without any false accusations.”

“What that kid and his family went through was just demonization,” Maurice told the examiner. “I wanted to turn something dark into something bright for them, so he could go back there and basically… You get a second chance,” he said.

Blaze News previously reported that Holden Armenta was tainted by Deadspin’s attack. caron phillips After wearing an Indian headdress at a Chiefs vs. Las Vegas Raiders game in November 2023.

of Original work Although it has since been partially amended, the original claim remains, with the title: “The NFL must speak out against Kansas City Chiefs fans wearing blackface and indigenous headdresses.” “was.

Holden Armenta, who is of Chumash Indian descent, wore his favorite team’s colors to the Chiefs vs. Raiders game on November 26th. Black with one side of the face painted red and the other side red, along with the jersey and Indian headdress.

The Deadspin article featured an image of a child in profile, with only the blackened side of his face visible.

Phillips’ article began with some speculation. “It’s hard to despise two groups of people at once, but on Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas, Kansas City Chiefs fans found a way to hate black people and Native Americans at the game.”At the same time. ”

Phillips uses this false narrative to say, “This is what happens when you ban books, oppose critical race theory, and try to erase centuries of hatred. It’s giving us the ammunition we need to evolve and create a better racism than we had before.”

In addition to criticizing the boy, Phillips, who still writes for Deadspin, suggested that Holden Armenta’s family “taught” him to hate blacks and Indians.

When critics lambasted Phillips and Deadspin over the children’s hit series, Phillips doubled down and accused the critics of being racist as well.

The family submitted lawsuit On February 6, he filed a lawsuit in Delaware Superior Court seeking damages and a “narrow injunction” barring him from republishing statements and images that a jury found to be false and defamatory.

The lawsuit said the hit movie “maliciously and unfairly” attacked “a 9-year-old boy and his parents for Phillips’ own racially charged political purposes.”

The race-obsessed writer clearly couldn’t contain Holden Armenta.

The footage shows the boy, decked out in Indian war paint and headdress, leaving a Nevada hotel with his father for the game. In addition to performing his ceremonial touchdown dance, Holden also performed his practiced tomahawk chop.

“We’re so grateful to everyone who supported our family. It means the world to us, so thank you,” the boy’s mother, Shannon Armenta, said in a pregame video.

Eddie Smith said, “Let’s move on to the next win. This is just one of many.”

“I feel happy and honored to be part of this movement. We have turned a dark slur against children into something incredible!” Native Patriot wrote in a post to X on Sunday afternoon. .I think this is a very big deal.” Victory over cancel culture and the dark side of a media that wants nothing more than to destroy, defame, and vilify. ”

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