‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham defends ‘puffy face’ after surgery backlash

Farrah Abraham’s ‘swollen’ face is from sinusitis, not plastic surgery. The ‘Teen Mom’ alumni, who turned 32 on Wednesday, said she suffers from a ‘chronic’ and ‘debilitating’ condition called sinusitis (also known as sinus infection). bottom. “Hey guys, today is my birthday and I just wanted to say my face is swollen because of sinusitis,” […]

Umpire Jerry Layne got in Jeremy Pena’s face after blown call

Tuesday night was an emotional night for Amp Show fans. CB Buckner’s “terrible” call threw things into chaos in the Yankees-Mariners game, but Jerry Laine’s behind-the-scenes performance set Houston up in the air for the Astros-Twins game. Jeremy Peña took the mound in the third, and Minnesota starter Joe Ryan threw a fastball that reached […]

Armie Hammer won’t face sexual assault charges in LA case

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said Armie Hammer was not charged with sexual assault due to “insufficient evidence.” In 2021, the Los Angeles Police Department opened an investigation into allegations that the 36-year-old actor, along with prominent attorney Gloria Allred, “violently raped” a woman who publicly accused Hammer at a press conference. Hammer […]

Bruce Springsteen Falls On His Face During Amsterdam Concert

Rock singer Bruce Springsteen in his 70s suffered a nasty fall during a show in Amsterdam on Sunday night, slumping on his face in front of the crowd as he tumbled down the stairs. An acrobatics in the Dutch capital reminded some observers that some years ago President Joe Biden similarly defied gravity and fell […]

Kohl’s is latest retailer to face backlash for marketing LGBTQ clothes to children

(Photo credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Brooke Mallory of OAN12:59 PM – Monday, May 29, 2023 Customers across the United States now seek out Kohl’s, thanks to the company’s decision to become the newest corporate retailer to sell LGBTQ+ and gay pride clothing for toddlers and toddlers. advertisement Coles Pride Month products were shared on social […]