Declared Winner of South Carolina Primary Race

Former President Donald Trump was declared the winner of South Carolina’s Republican primary in just a few minutes, a huge blow to the state’s former governor, Nikki Haley.

Within minutes of voting closing, the Associated Press called Trump’s election campaign followed suit.

All polls had predicted a landslide victory for Trump in the Palmetto State, but the margin of victory for Trump is unclear at this point as voting has just ended.

Following the results, all eyes are on Haley and her political future – whether she will remain in the race. But Haley addressed a crowd in Greenville, South Carolina, this week, and pre-emptively put a stop to any speculation about her, telling the audience she planned to stay in the race no matter the outcome in her home state. Ta.

“Even though South Carolina votes on Saturday, I’m still going to run for president on Sunday,” he said, stressing that he was “not going anywhere.”

“I’m campaigning every day until the last person votes because I believe in a better America and a brighter future for our children. Nothing good in life comes easy. There are cuts and bruises and slurs. I’m happy to accept,” she said, comparing herself to the Biblical great David.

“Because the only way to blessing is to go through pain. The easiest path would be to drop out. I’ve never taken the easy path. I’m the underdog in every race. “I was always David fighting Goliath,” Haley declared, continuing the comparison.

“And like David, I’m not just fighting someone bigger than myself. I’m fighting for something bigger than myself,” she added, attacking Trump again.

“We don’t anoint the king of this country. We run elections,” she said, noting the reality that previous election results in these states have shown: Trump is a Republican. It seems that he was unable to accept the reality that he was the candidate chosen by voters.

Haley hasn’t spoken yet, but if she sticks to her recent statements, her presence in the race will continue.



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