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Democratic Minnesota state senator’s own party calling for her resignation after burglary charge

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More than a month after Minnesota Democratic Sen. Nicole Mitchell was indicted on burglary charges for allegedly breaking into her stepmother’s home to take some of her late father’s ashes and personal belongings, her party is calling for her to resign.

“Elected officials, including our own members, must be held accountable,” Ken Martin, chairman of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, said in a statement Thursday.

“Senator Mitchell has a right to be tried in court, but her continued refusal to accept responsibility for her actions is unbecoming of her office and a hindrance to her district and the Legislature,” Martin said. “Her constituents were well represented through the end of the legislative session, but it is time for her to step down and focus on the personal and legal challenges she faces.”

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz (Democrat) also said last week that Mitchell should resign. FOX9 Minneapolis report.

911 call recording details Minnesota Democratic senator’s alleged burglary at stepmother’s home

Democratic state Sen. Nicole Mitchell, 47, was booked into the Becker County Jail on suspicion of first-degree theft. (Becker County Jail)

Mitchell was removed from his committee assignments and caucus duties after his arrest at his mother-in-law’s home on April 22. The state senator was later charged with first-degree theft.

Mitchell denies the allegations and claims she was just checking on a sick loved one.

Photo of State Senator Nicole Mitchell

Mitchell was elected to represent Minnesota’s 47th Senate District in 2022. (Minnesota Senate)

According to the criminal complaint, Mitchell admitted to breaking in through a window and told investigators he was trying to take his late father’s ashes, photographs, a flannel shirt and other mementos, claiming that his stepmother had stopped speaking to him after his father’s death and had refused to hand over the items.

Minnesota Democratic senator claims he was checking in on sick loved one during robbery

Mitchell appeared before the Ethics Committee on May 7 but declined to speak, asserting his Fifth Amendment rights.

Minnesota State Capitol Dome

Ms Mitchell’s party has called for her to step down now that the parliamentary session has ended. (AP Photo/Steve Karnowski, File)

Minnesota Republican lawmakers called for Mitchell to resign shortly after his arrest.

Mitchell’s next court hearing is scheduled for June 10.

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Mitchell, a native of Woodbury, Minnesota, has represented the 47th District since being elected to the state Senate in 2022. He previously served as a meteorologist for KSTP-TV and Minnesota Public Radio and as a lieutenant colonel in the Air National Guard.