State Department details horrific persecution of Christians in North Korea, including the life imprisonment of an infant over a Bible

Christians may be subject to increasing nationalist pressure, hatred and persecution in the United States, but the situation is even more dire in faraway lands. announced by the US State Department. Annual International Religious Freedom Reportwhich details the persecution of believers abroad. Among the atrocities and barbarism inflicted on Christians around the world, some of […]

State Department wants to expand diplomacy in space

The State Department has a new goal to expand foster diplomacy in space. To this end, the ministry has released the following documents: 25 page document It outlines a path for improving diplomatic efforts in space. Officials say the plan will help ensure U.S. leadership in space, which is crucial at a time when China’s […]

C. Boyden Gray, the Man Who Warned Us About the Administrative State

Although C. Boyden Gray was not well known nationally, he was a well-known name in Washington, DC. But don’t get that idea against Boyden, who died on May 21 at the age of 80. Yes, he was a staple in Washington, D.C., but unloved on the ring road. Proven with this heartbreaking obituary Washington Post. […]

Predictions for Boise State, Memphis

Commercial Content 21+ Less than a week after the Power Five win totals dwindled, the oddsmakers are back with their Group of Five win totals. The greatest advantage in the future of pre-season college football often comes from the lower level FBS conferences. As with the Power Five, changes are also occurring in the restructuring […]

Here are the top education issues state lawmakers battled over this year

Democrats and Republicans went head-to-head over education policy in state legislatures this year, with many legislatures shutting down. Much of the fighting has centered on Republican-led culture war issues, from how classes on race and gender should be taught to what kinds of books students should read. Here are some of the top education issues […]

State Farm Ends Insurance Coverage for California Residents

California residents can no longer submit home and business insurance applications to the State Farm. new policy gone It will go into effect on May 27th, but will not affect personal auto insurance. The company will continue to serve existing customers with home and commercial insurance. This means that customers can make claims against assets […]