Democrats Counting Illegals in Census ‘All About Power’

Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.) said during an appearance that Democrats’ counting of illegal immigrants in the U.S. Census is “all about power.” Breitbart News Saturdaydetails the real reason the left is allowing the southern border to run amok.

Earlier this year, Hagerty and his colleagues pushed for an amendment that would ban illegal aliens from being included in the census count that determines the number of U.S. House districts in each state. They were trying to solve a problem that former President Barack Obama had overstretched, he continued, by removing the question of whether a person is an American citizen from the census.

He noted that “approximately 10 million people” have entered the country since Biden took office, adding, “Many people are asking, ‘What are the motives behind the crimes that are happening at our southern border? I’m asking myself, ‘Is this true?'” he said.

EAGLE PASS, Texas – DECEMBER 20: Migrants wait to be processed at a U.S. Border Patrol transit center after crossing the border from Mexico in Eagle Pass, Texas, on December 20, 2023. (John Moore/Getty)

“Why would they commit a massacre like this when fentanyl is coming in? You’ve seen all the crime that’s happened in the city. You can’t deal with this. Why would they do something like this? And every Democrat, every senator, to block my proposed bill that would ban illegal immigrants and illegal aliens from being counted in the apportionment of Congressional seats and electoral votes. “If you understand that he voted for it, his motives are clear,” he said. , it concludes that “It’s all about power.”

“That’s the motivation behind it all. It’s all about power. And think about the big states, the big blue states like New York, Illinois, California, where populations are rapidly declining. , Matt, where have they put their sanctuary cities? Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Manhattan. There are sanctuary cities there,” Hagerty continued, noting that some Democrats acknowledge this. .

“When it comes to counting illegal aliens in a census that proportionates congressional districts, I don’t think most Americans believe that. It may be true. But it is a fact, and it is now It’s this quest for power that’s the motivation behind what’s happening on our borders. It’s the carnage, the chaos, the willingness to see children die from fentanyl. And the red states. “We also want to make sure that they don’t lose their seats in parliament,” he said, adding a broader perspective to the issue.

A pamphlet with 2020 Census information written in Spanish shows people facing economic insecurity and food insecurity amid the COVID-19 pandemic on August 6, 2020 in Paramount, California. It is included in food boxes distributed to people by the Los Angeles Area Food Bank. (Tama Mario/Getty Images)

“And, Matt, if you look at the number of people that have come in, just the 10 million people that have come in under the Joe Biden administration, that in itself would be equivalent to 13 Congressional districts. The current U.S. Congress. “If you think about the balance of power, it’s in the single digits. This is very clear what they’re doing,” he said, emphasizing that it’s all about “power.”


“If it weren’t for this illegal alien count, there would have been another seat in Tennessee. Many of the red states have people voting with their feet, and from these blue states… They will because they are coming out of it. And this is all about Democratic power,” Hagerty said. “That’s why all of us voted against a bill that would prevent taxpayer funds from being used to support people who are in our country illegally, who fly deep into our country.”

“We’re not even going to border patrol,” Hagerty added, “flying into our country, coming into airports near you and me, and frankly backfilling these blue cities.”

“We have to stop counting these people,” the senator added. “And if we do that, there will be no incentive for Democrats to do what they did to us at the border.”

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