Democrats Drop 260k in Voter Registration Edge in Pennsylvania

The number of registered Democratic voters in Pennsylvania is down nearly 260,000, more than double the number in 2020, according to the latest numbers.

A quick look at Pennsylvania’s voter registration statistics shows that Democrats lead Republicans with 3,475,267 registered Republicans compared to 3,893,342 registered Democrats, a difference of 418,075.

But a broader look shows that this trend has continued over the past few years, with the number of registered Democratic voters increasing from 916,273 in 2016 to 685,818 in 2020. Shrunk. Republicans have reduced their numbers, according to the Republican National Committee (RNC). After 2022 alone, that gap widens by 161,549 voters, from -605,188 to -443,639 as of December 2023.

In other words, since 2020, that gap has narrowed by well over 260,000 voters.

This trend is not unique to Pennsylvania. As the RNC told Breitbart News, Republicans are achieving “historic voter registration increases” in battleground states across the country.

As of December, Republicans held a 192,323-vote lead over Democrats in Arizona, up from 139,923 votes in 2021. According to Breitbart News, Republicans continue to close their lead in other key states, including Florida, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina and Wisconsin. detail:

In Georgia, the Republican Party had lost 343,190 people as of November 2020, but that gap had shrunk to -240,676 people in December 2023, which is the same as the Republican Party’s loss in the past three years. This means that the difference in Democratic Party registration numbers has been reduced by 102,514 people. In Georgia, as in Arizona, Republicans hold an advantage in more than half of the Peach State’s counties.

For example, in November 2020, the number of Republican voters in Michigan decreased by 8,537. “As of December 2023, the gap has shifted in favor of Model Republicans by 215,338 voters, compared to a net increase of 223,875 voters registered over the past three years,” the RNC told Breitbart News.

Similarly, there were 109,031 fewer Republican voters in Nevada in November 2020. The difference has since decreased to -67,067. In other words, Republicans have shrunk the Democratic lead by 41,964 voters in recent years.

In North Carolina, Republicans narrowed the electoral gap to 118,693 voters, from -316,618 in November 2021 to -197,925 in December 2023. Additionally, in Wisconsin, the Republican Party’s lead over Democrats expanded from 80,266 in November 2020 to 111,355 in December 2023.

The numbers came as polls showed former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden in these same key battleground states.