NEW Blaze Originals documentary “Voter Fraud Exposed:

Since its founding, the American government has been a beacon of success to the world. Many other countries have modeled their governments on the principles set out in the U.S. Constitution. The American system is based on a representative democracy, where one person has one vote. But things have changed. Not only is the world […]

James Carville fears ’80-year-old guys’ Biden, Trump causing youth voter disengagement

Political guru James Carville said in a Sunday morning radio interview that he fears this year’s geriatric presidential campaign is turning off young voters. “The lack of enthusiasm among young people for public policy, or public service, or being involved in the public square, is quite disheartening,” Carville said. Carville, known for his political takes […]

Another Study Refutes Left’s False Claims Against Voter ID and Secure Elections

Trust the science, we’ve all been told. Well, the science has spoken again: Voter ID laws aren’t discriminatory and don’t suppress anyone’s vote. For years, liberals have peddled fabricated claims about voter ID requirements, asserting that they give an advantage to the Republican Party by “discriminating against African Americans” and suppressing their vote. They pooh-pooh […]

6 Bizarre Examples of How Voter Registration Fraud Happens

Tennessee prosecutors charged 10 people with voter fraud last week after they allegedly registered and voted despite being legally ineligible to do so. The Montgomery County District Attorney’s office secured grand jury indictments against the 10 Clarksville, Tennessee, residents with past felony convictions who are ineligible to vote in the state. These people registered and voted anyway, according to prosecutors. […]

Trump launches grassroots voter outreach program after New York trial

The day after former President Trump was convicted in a New York hush-money case, the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) launched a massive grassroots voter outreach program in key battleground states. “Trump Force 47” The program plans to mobilize tens of thousands of volunteers for “neighbor-to-neighbor” organizing as the former president prepares […]

Voter Rolls Are Essential to Victory in the Election Integrity Fight. Here’s Why.

Voter rolls are the most important election integrity documents. They tell election officials who is eligible to vote. The voter rolls also tell election officials where to send mail ballots, so it is even more important that they are accurate in states that automatically send registered voters mail ballots. It is essential that states have […]

CHRIS FARRELL: Clean Voter Rolls Matter

Dirty voter rolls make for dirty elections. Sloppy registration and accountability procedures and/or willful blindness to loaded-up voter rolls are key ingredients for mischief, manipulation and other voting “irregularities.” Bloated, inaccurate voter registrations can create the conditions that undermine public confidence in the already badly damaged reputations of officials and agencies administering our elections. The […]