Dems In Full-Blown “Freakout” Over Bad Biden Polling, Trump Return

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Democrats are concerned about the 2024 elections.

Various polls show Biden lagging behind Donald Trump, including in key states that Biden needs to win.

A new report says Democrats are panicking over the polls and the possibility that Donald Trump could return to the White House.

Politico reported:

Democrats in uproar over Biden

President Joe Biden’s reelection prospects have created a sense of trepidation at the highest levels of the Democratic Party, even among public officials and strategists who had previously expressed confidence in the upcoming fight against President Donald Trump.

Democrats have spent the whole year working on the joyless and exhausting task of preparing for the 2024 election. But with five months to go, anxiety has turned to palpable anxiety, more than a dozen party officials and activists say. And the gap between what Democrats say on television and in print and what they tell their friends in texts is only widening as worries about Biden’s prospects grow.

Breitbart reported:

“Anxiety has turned to palpable fear” among a dozen Democratic leaders and officials over concerns that President Joe Biden could lose the election to former President Donald Trump, according to a report.

Concerns about a Trump return emerged just months before Biden is expected to accept Democratic dominance at the Democratic National Convention. Previous reports have suggested Democrats could pursue a three-step political process to replace Biden at the convention, which would require him to step aside.

Polls in nearly every battleground state suggest Trump could easily beat Biden in November. Seven states — Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina — are likely to decide the presidential election. If Trump wins one or more of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, Biden’s chances of winning the 270 electoral votes will narrow.