Desperate Biden must debate to win — but there are risks 

Kudos to Team Biden for landing the first punch in a free presidential election (aka campaigning). By challenging Donald Trump to a debate and dictating the terms of the match, President Biden left his opponent with two impossible choices. He can either turn down the opportunity to confront Biden on national television and be branded a coward, or he can agree to a meeting knowing that he will be the president-elect. The playing field is tilted in favor of the incumbent.

Does it matter that the Trump campaign was snooked? Almost certainly not. For the same reason that it is absurd, 14 second video The incident, in which the president dared to ask Trump to “make a good day,” required five “cuts” to get it right, but Biden, 81, could still lose in the second round. Highly sexual.

This is not to criticize former President Trump. Biden is right. Trump lost the 2020 debate. He appeared to have been coached to be combative in the hopes that Biden would overreact and reveal his “angry old man” personality. This tactic backfired spectacularly. Trump seemed an unlikely figure. If Biden or his host encouraged the former president’s policies; Actions on January 6th or see his lots of legal troubles, Trump could be furious again. That harrowing encounter cost him the election. It might happen again.

As with this year’s State of the Union address, expectations for his opponent will be incredibly low. After that speech in February, critics described Mr. Biden as follows: I jumped on stimulants. The president spoke unnaturally and rapidly, but still got the job done. Some on the right fear that Mr. Biden will receive a similar push to endure the two-hour debate. Including Mr. Trump. — required a drug test before the debate. That won’t happen.

Biden’s handlers are doing everything they can to give the president an edge. The first showdown will take place on June 27 and will be hosted by CNN anchors Dana Bash and Jake Tapper. Known as President Trump’s opponent.Tapper famous and vigorously promoted Covered the Russiagate hoax and celebrated Biden’s 2020 election. Meanwhile, Bash criticized the former president’s campaign rhetoric: “A bright lie” and has criticized him on many issues.

The Biden campaign also claims that there is. No audiencefeared Trump would prey on the enthusiasm of his supporters.

The Trump campaign must be wary of dirty tricks. Remember Democratic apparatchik Donna Brazile? asked candidate Hillary Clinton a question Something like this must never happen again in the run-up to the 2016 CNN-moderated debate with Donald Trump.

Biden’s decision to debate Trump reflects a sense of desperation.Polls show Biden trailing Trump Main swing conditionswhile former President large gathering The deep blue state of New Jersey was amazing.A rabbit is pulled out of a hat — Story presidential order Probably to control borders worker-friendly tariffs On China, Democratic convention suggests this will happen. may be virtualized— Everything seems to be on the table. Time is running out to change the public’s dismal view of his presidency. Therefore, Biden will be penniless and argue with his rival. He has no choice.

please think about it. Democrats threw everything at Trump.They couldn’t have imagined he would survive Hollywood Director’s J6 Show Trial In parliament, two impeachments, 91 feloniesthe trial. write him a pen Like an angry bull, Joe Biden and the media’s handmaidens are constantly slimming down. A campaign full of lies and inaccuracies It runs almost unchecked.

The Hill’s Alexander Bolton wrote in January that while Democrats ostensibly argued that Biden could run on his record, they privately admitted that “they believe that Trump is We hope that he will collapse under the weight of over 90 felonies and that his penchant for confrontation and outlandish claims will change to exclude women and sway voters. ”

That didn’t happen. Rather, President Trump’s position has been strengthened by the realization that President Biden orchestrated a number of unwarranted and politically motivated indictments against billionaires.

Some Democrats did not want Biden to debate Donald Trump. Asked about the possibility of a debate earlier this year, Senate Democratic leader Dick Durbin said he would “think about it a lot” and said Trump did “an outrageous thing” in the debate with Hillary Clinton. “That would be the fair thing to do,” he said. It’s an opportunity for him to demonstrate his extremism. ” David Frum wrote in The Atlantic magazine. claimed “While the networks want the show, giving the challenger equal status on the television stage would be a disastrous act that would normalize his attempted coup.”

In reality, Democrats fear that the televised debate will give Mr. Biden an unwarranted argument. cognitive dysfunction It will be visible to all Americans, not just those who watch FOX News and other right-wing media outlets. There is no denying that the media has created an information gap in our country. Recently, in a group that included both Democrats and Republicans, I was laughing and talking about Kamala Harris’ incomprehensible comments. “Word salad”. The Biden supporters at the table were genuinely confused. Avid New York Times readers and MSNBC regulars had never seen Harris wander into the sky. They didn’t understand what I was saying.

While those watching Republican-leaning news outlets have witnessed the deterioration of Joe Biden over the past few years, many Americans have not.If Biden debates Trump, he might find out why the vast majority of the country thinks he does. I’m too old to run For the second term.

The Trump campaign reportedly seems more professional and determined this time around. We’ll see how they prepare their candidates for this debate. He needs to be restrained, pleasant and fact-based even as he decries the many failures of the Biden presidency. He also needs to be optimistic and positive about what he can accomplish in a second term.

The risks to Trump and the country are enormous. Let’s hope he gets it right.

Liz Peek is a former partner at Wall Street giant Wertheim & Company.

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