Diddy’s ex-bodyguard saw rapper ‘get really physical’ with exes

Sean “Diddy” Combs’ former security chief says he witnessed Sean “Diddy” Combs be violent toward women “four or five times,” and in 2016 he accused his then-girlfriend, Kathy. – He was not surprised by the shocking footage of Ventura being violently beaten.

“I’ve seen things of this nature before, so I wasn’t surprised when I saw it,” said Roger Bonds. told Piers Morgan in an interview late Monday.

“I’ve intervened during things of this nature before, and this goes back to 2012,” he said, after the tycoon pushed, kicked and dragged his then-girlfriend down a hotel hallway. He described a horrific assault in which he was seen committing crimes.

Bonds said he was “not surprised” by the horrifying footage of Diddy assaulting Cassie. AP
Bonds suggested that Diddy’s apology was exactly what the rapper thought people wanted to hear. diddy/instagram

Asked how many times he had seen Diddy become violent toward women, Bonds said, “About four or five times.”

“I’ve seen him [be violent] I saw him with Kathy and I saw him with Kim Porter, the mother of his child,” Bond said of the late model.

Roger Bonds said he saw Diddy assault his ex-girlfriend “four or five times” when he worked for him. Piers Morgan uncensored

“I’ve seen him get physical. I’ve seen him get really physical and catch,” he claimed.

“I’ve seen him engage in wrestling and punching matches, and sometimes I’m like, ‘What are you mad about?'” What are you mad about? ”

Bonds said he felt Diddy’s apology to Ventura wasn’t enough. film magic

“Beating and hitting women in that way comes from a deeper anger,” Bond said.

“If you have a problem with all the other women, I think the problem lies within you,” he added.

Bonds believes Diddy’s apology for the 2016 incident is exactly what he thought others wanted to hear.

On March 7, 2016, Kathy Ventura and Sean P. Didi Combs were brutally assaulted. GC images

“You can’t just say what you want and expect people to accept it,” he said.

Ms. Bonds believed that Diddy knew there were surveillance cameras at the hotel and could purchase the footage. According to Kathy’s lawsuit, he allegedly paid $50,000 for the footage at the time.

But Bonds suggested the rapper was unaware that the hotel had given Ventura a copy of the footage.

“When you live your life just paying the bills, you really feel like he didn’t have any regrets about it. Now that he’s been caught, he may have regrets, but it’s a one-time thing.” If that’s what happened, I think I should accept what he said.”He apologized, but I think he said what people wanted to hear in that apology,” Bonds said. Told.