Disney headed another train wreck X-Men’ gets woke remake

On March 20th, a new animated show called X-Men 97 will arrive on Disney+, and according to top X fan account @XMenUpdate, the series will “revisit the iconic era of the 1990s.” The X-Men are a group of mutants who use their mysterious talents to protect a world that hates and fears them, but they are challenged like never before and face a dangerous and unexpected new future. I am forced. ”

But before you excitedly think that Disney has finally paid homage to the original’s fan base by producing a series set in the ’90s, think again.

Instead of “getting nostalgic” as a ’90s throwback should be, “X-Men 97” features a non-binary character. This is interesting because “non-binary” wasn’t even a concept in the 1990s. 90’s.

“From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like X-Men 97 will be exactly the kind of wake-up call we expect from Disney right now,” says Lauren Chen.

@XMenUpdate posted that the character Morph is “non-binary” and would have an “interesting companionship with Wolverine.”

Not only is Morph’s original character male, but even the new Morph @XMenUpdate image attached to the post “clearly shows it’s male,” Lauren sighs.

As usual, “X-Men” fans are pissed that Disney is once again ruining a beloved classic with a load of political propaganda. In fact, people were so vocal about their dissatisfaction with Morph’s revamp that @XMenUpdate “locked replies” to the post and then “continued to call everyone bigots in follow-up posts.”

“If you’re upset that Morph is non-binary, you clearly don’t know what the X-Men stand for,” the account posted.

Another said: “The X-Men have always been, and always will be, a symbol of inclusivity and diversity.” If you’re a bigot and have a problem with that, you’re not a fan of his X-Men, and you don’t understand anything about them. ”

“If you’re a fan who doesn’t like this new version of Morph, I don’t think pointing that out automatically makes you a bigot. “Hey, you guys deviated from the original for ideological reasons. “There is,” Lauren corrects.

“Yes, X-Men as a concept” is built on “a message of inclusivity,” she continues, “but if you ask me, the idea of ​​a non-binary character is actually That’s not the case. The whole point of the I want to be treated.”

“The whole premise of a non-binary gender identity is really trying to put someone who is essentially the same as everyone else into a different category, which is exactly the opposite of the message of X-Men.”

To learn more about X-Men 97 and the controversy surrounding it, watch the clip below.

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