Disney Hit with Federal Civil Rights Complaint over DEI — Alleges Discrimination Against White Men, Christians, and Jews

The Walt Disney Company is facing a federal civil rights lawsuit alleging that the company’s DEI policies are illegal and discriminate against white American men, Christians, and Jews.

america first legal It has been submitted Wednesday’s complaint against Disney. The group cited public documents published on Disney’s official website as well as leaked internal documents showing that management has placed diversity, equity and inclusion at the center of Disney’s hiring practices.

“It is sad and tragic that a company whose name was once synonymous with wholesome and charming childhood fantasies is now dedicated to promoting divisive prejudice. We at Disney We urge them to immediately cease and desist from this illegal and destructive conduct,” said Stephen Miller, president of America First Legal and a former Trump administration official.

America First Legal’s central argument is that Disney has implemented de facto quotas in hiring, which violates employment law.

These quotas are often disguised as “diversity and inclusion policies,” but in some cases Disney has publicly disclosed the actual percentages for their work.

The announced quotas include a goal that 50 percent of Disney’s television series directors must be from “underrepresented groups.”

“It is patently unlawful to consider racial, ethnic, or gender-based characteristics in hiring, training, compensation, or promotion,” America First Legal said in its complaint. “Decades of case law has held that policies that impose racial balance or quotas in hiring, training, and recruitment, such as those presented on Disney’s website, are prohibited.”

The complaint also mentions leaks of internal Disney documents published by Elon Musk on X.

This document is a Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQ”) about Disney’s Inclusion Standards and explains the company’s intent to “increase training and development opportunities for members of underrepresented groups.”

“Based on Disney’s own public admissions, it appears that Disney willfully and willfully violates federal civil rights laws,” the complaint states.

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