Donald Trump Competitive with Joe Biden in Colorado

A December University of Colorado poll first released Monday shows President Joe Biden holding a 7-point lead over former President Donald Trump in a hypothetical general election race in Colorado. found. 2020.

investigation – carried out A poll conducted by the University of Colorado Institute of American Politics and YouGov from December 1 to 18, 2023 found that 47 percent of Colorado adults support Biden in the male-to-male general election, while 40 percent support Trump. It has been found. 13% plan to vote for someone else.

Biden held a fairly comfortable lead in the polls, but his margin of victory over the 45th president in the Centennial state was essentially cut in half in 2020.In that presidential election, Biden won Colorado had a 13.5 percentage point difference.

The 2016 race between Trump and twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was much closer.clinton collected He won 48.2% of the vote, 4.9 percentage points ahead of Trump’s 43.3%, with third-party candidates splitting the remaining votes.

A University of Colorado poll shows Biden with a double-digit lead among independents (46% to 34%), but Trump has stronger support among Democratic voters than Biden with Republicans. There is.

Mr. Biden has the support of 88% of Democratic respondents, but 10% of the demographic supports Mr. Trump and only 2% support third-party candidates. Trump also slightly underperformed Biden in his own support base, securing 85% of Republican support, but only 5% of Republicans said they supported Biden, and 10% said they supported another person. I was planning on voting.

Given that this survey was conducted in December, before Trump’s historic victory in the Iowa caucuses and blowout victory in New Hampshire, Trump’s support among Republican respondents remains strong in future polls. There is a possibility that the base will increase.

During this time, he also gained support from many of his primary rivals, including Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, and Gov. Doug Burgum (R-North Dakota), calling for unity. The demand for this has increased. It’s getting louder and louder.

Attention: Ron DeSantis withdraws from Republican primary, supports Trump

Ron DeSantis / Twitter

The poll was also conducted before Trump’s viral interview with Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlowe and Washington bureau chief Matthew Boyle, in which Trump said that he He said he plans to expand the map of battleground states to include states where Republicans haven’t won. Although he didn’t specifically mention Colorado.

“The other thing I’m going to do, and it might be a stupid thing to do, is I’m going to play hard for New York, I’m going to play hard for New Jersey, Virginia. I mean, we’re going to play hard for Virginia, we’re going to play hard for Virginia. It’s a tough fight for New Mexico and Minnesota, a state we haven’t won in years,” Trump said.

The poll samples 800 Colorado adults and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.23 percentage points.