Donald Trump Gains Supports, Biden Loses Support In Latest Poll

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Despite the attacks on Donald Trump, he is still winning.

The latest Emerson College poll shows Trump leading Joe Biden 46% to 43%.

The Hill reported:

A new national survey from Emerson College Poll finds former President Donald Trump leading President Biden among likely voters in the upcoming presidential election, with Biden’s turnout declining since early April.

The latest national poll from Emerson College, released Thursday, shows Mr. Trump leading Mr. Biden by 46% and Mr. Biden by 43%. Biden’s approval rating has fallen 2 points since the last Emerson College poll in early April, while Trump’s approval rating remained at 46%.

An additional 12% said they were undecided, according to Thursday’s results. When undecided voters were forced to choose a candidate, Trump’s approval rating rose to 51%, while Biden’s approval rating rose to 48%.

With the addition of independent candidates, Trump’s approval rating dropped to 44% and Biden’s to 40%. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. received 8 percent support, with another 8 percent reporting undecided and 1 percent supporting Cornel West.