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Donald Trump ‘Going into the Heart of Deep Blue Territories’

Former President Donald Trump is once again “stepping into the heart of deep blue territory,” said Carolyn Leavitt, a spokeswoman for his 2024 national campaign. Breitbart News Saturday Ahead of his speech at Turning Point Action’s People’s Convention in Detroit, Michigan.

Trump is scheduled to deliver a keynote address at the party’s convention in Detroit on Saturday, which Leavitt said is emblematic of Trump’s approach to “visiting the heart of the Democratic base in the country, speaking to voters and delivering a winning message.”

Leavitt also revealed that Trump will host a town hall-style event at a local black church, moderated by Rep. Byron Donald (R-Fla.).

Rep. Byron Donald (R-FL) shakes hands with former U.S. President Donald Trump during the “Freedom Joy Fighters for Moms” national summit at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown on June 30, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images).

“He will answer questions from church attendees and hear their concerns about Democrats who have ruined Detroit, Michigan and Democrat-governed cities across this country for decades based on empty promises that never came true,” she said.

MIAMI, FL - JUNE 13: Supporters of President Trump gather outside the Wilkie D. Ferguson Jr. Federal Courthouse after the conclusion of President Trump's arraignment on June 13, 2023 in Miami, Florida. After leaving the White House, President Trump pleaded not guilty to criminal charges of improper handling of classified intelligence and obstruction of justice. (Photo by Miguel J. Rodriguez Carrillo/Getty Images)

Miguel J. Rodriguez Carrillo/Getty Images

“President Trump’s message is inspiring to all Americans, regardless of race. [and] “Religion. You’re going to hear him talk about that tonight in Michigan,” she continued, before pointing out that Trump is also doing very well among younger voters, which is a very bad thing for Democrats.


“No Republican candidate in history has won such a high percentage of the young vote. President Trump has received strong support from these voters for several reasons,” she said, noting that President Biden has broken promises.

“First, young people are realizing that Joe Biden is a corrupt politician who has never kept his promises. He promised young people that he would forgive their student loans, but that never happened. He promised young people that he would bring peace to the world, but the opposite has happened. He has brought chaos and war to the Middle East and Ukraine,” Leavitt said.

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

“Joe Biden promised to lower the cost of living post-COVID. He further shut down the economy and pumped billions of dollars unnecessarily into the economy. And now as a result we have a record high inflation crisis that is robbing young people of their futures,” she said, explaining how it will be harder for young people to achieve the American Dream in the Biden economy.

“Mortgage rates are 7.5% and rising every month. This is because Joe Biden won’t lower the cost of living. He keeps pumping unnecessary money into the economy and he won’t unleash the power of the energy industry. So young people can’t afford to buy a home and are thousands of dollars in debt. Credit card debt in this country has never been higher,” she said, noting that mortgage rates under Trump hit a record low of 2.65% and that inflation is “non-existent.”

“We didn’t talk about it because it wasn’t an issue. … Younger voters are deeply concerned about their future and the economy and they are fans of the American Dream. And they’re starting to realize that if they want any chance at that dream comes true, they need to vote for Donald Trump,” she said, adding that Trump is “aggressively reaching these voters with his message,” pointing to the success of his newly launched TikTok account with millions of followers.

“President Trump has energy and drive. He goes to UFC. He goes to football games. He goes to college tailgates, like during the Republican primaries, and he flips burgers with college kids. He’s fun. He has energy. He has a vision for leading this country to greatness, and that’s very inspiring to young people across this country,” she added.

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