Dr. Phil slams institutions supporting gender operations on kids: ‘It does harm’

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In an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Dr. Phil condemns medical institutions for approving and performing irreversible gender change surgeries on children, which the podcaster says is opposed by much of the outside world. told Joe Rogan.

Logan marveled at how much progressive ideology has run wild over the past decade, from rhetoric about defunding the police to radical gender ideology. “Everything has been messed up in the last few years. Ten years ago it seemed impossible.”

Dr. Phil responded that, if anything, this radicalism is “accelerating” in society, but added, “I’m starting to feel there’s a backlash. I think they’ve made a grave miscalculation. They’re very “We have been strongly promoting this for a long time.” They are starting to wake up Central America. He went on to say that “when they start rewriting history, when they start rewriting science, when they start trying to get the government to co-parent with you and your kids,” people start to push back. .

Logan made headlines when Canadian politician Randall Garrison declared, “There are no such things as parental rights in Canada” during a debate over a bill that would ban transgender minors from undergoing procedures. Citing a recent incident in which a child’s child was born, Canadian politicians instead argued that “the primary responsibility of parents is that of parents.” Support and affirm your children. ”

Dr. Phil called on modern medical and pediatric institutions to approve transgender procedures for minors.

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Logan’s response was, “What are you talking about?” And later he asked rhetorically, “Who will tell me how to raise my children?”

Dr. Phil questioned the very term “gender-affirming care,” saying instead it was hormonal therapy and surgical procedures for children, and warned that many institutions supported it on dubious grounds.

“To be fair,” he said, “all the major medical associations have signed on to this matter. I’ve never seen you sign anything with any information.” Life. “

After pointing out that bringing it up would instantly get you labeled as a “transphobe,” Dr. Phil wondered, “I thought it was a ‘first, do no harm’ deal.”

Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil hosted numerous episodes of the show discussing transgenderism and other topics that divide American culture. (Screenshot from CBS)

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Dr. Phil also claimed that much of the Western world, particularly Scandinavia, and “all European countries” are backtracking on allowing irreversible transgender surgery on children. “Because it’s harmful!”

He talks about an upcoming episode of his show on the television network. “I think people are going to be shocked that these medical institutions agreed to this because it reveals the real consequences of this. They succumbed to the pressure.”


The popular presenter, who is trained in clinical psychology, also spoke about the phenomenon of teachers who feel it is their duty to hide their child’s transgender status from their families, and how teachers feel it is their duty to keep their child’s transgender status a secret from their families. They argued that they were no more qualified psychologically or medically to deal with this than teachers. They will undergo surgery. He also argued that such practices are wrong because they “teach children to keep secrets from their parents, which is deceptive teaching and interferes with the relationship between children and their parents.”



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