Boston group’s racial ‘Harm Report’ offers guidelines for Black reparations

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Dr. Phil slams institutions supporting gender operations on kids: ‘It does harm’

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Virginia assisted suicide bill poses ‘deadly harm,’ bishops warn

Catholic bishops in Virginia are sounding the alarm about a proposed federal bill that would legalize assisted suicide. Bishop Michael Burbidge of Arlington and Bishop Barry Knestow of Richmond released a letter Monday urging Virginians to contact their politicians and voice their opposition to state Senate Bill 280. “We are alarmed and deeply saddened by […]

Nevada sues social media platforms for allegedly ‘deliberately’ addictive features causing harm to children

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford (D) on Tuesday accused social media companies of “intentionally” using addictive algorithms that harm children. filed a lawsuit. A recent press release from the Nevada Attorney General’s Office revealed that the state is taking legal action against social media platforms to “address the harm caused to Nevada’s youth.” “My commitment […]

Climate change could critically harm $253 billion US fishing industry, experts tell senators

Climate change is steadily warming ocean temperatures, and experts warned senators on Wednesday that this could cause significant damage to fisheries. Andrea Dutton, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said burning fossil fuels primarily causes climate change, which can cause a wide range of economic and environmental problems. Fossil fuels produce high levels of […]

Do No Harm drops lawsuit against health journal after it scraps ‘discriminatory’ scholarship requirements

exclusive — The nonprofit organization Do No Harm voluntarily dismissed its lawsuit against Health Affairs, a prominent health policy journal, without prejudice after the racial requirement in the Health Equity Fellowship was eliminated. Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, president of Do No Harm, said his organization is “against discrimination in all its manifestations” and that the Department […]

Canada’s Trudeau says a second Trump presidency could harm climate goals

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in an interview that former President Trump's re-election could harm climate goals. Prime Minister Trudeau announced that Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported that Trump's expressed “desire to roll back the climate crisis” during his term as president has posed “very difficult problems.” “Yes, there are concerns, especially regarding the […]


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