Drunk Monkey Goes On Rampage After Owner Finds New Man: REPORT

Garik, a Russian monkey with a drinking habit, went on a biting rampage after his female owner got married, the Daily Star reported Wednesday.

Garik was let out of his cage by his owner’s husband Friday and downed a bottle of whiskey before attacking five neighbors, including a pregnant woman and journalist, the Daily Star reported citing a Russian news outlet. (RELATED: World’s Chubbiest Monkey Dies After Failing Fat Camp: REPORT)

The local reporter needed to get stitches, the outlet reported. All five victims were treated with rabies shots out of an abundance of caution, the outlet noted. Three men managed to subdue the rampaging monkey after luring him into a house with sugar cookies and catching him in a net, the Daily Star reported. Alleged footage of the entrapment of the monkey was posted on Telegram.

Since the attack, the monkey has been re-housed at a local zoo, the outlet reported. A medical examination of Garik found that — aside from the stench of alcohol — he was healthy, Newsweek reported, citing a Russian news outlet. Garik started to exhibit violent tendencies after his owner got married two years ago, the Daily Star reported.

Thailand also has problems with monkeys. Thai officials want to round up some 2,500 monkeys in one city and place them into massive enclosures due to the mischief caused by the monkeys on the locals and tourists, The Associated Press (AP) reported. The monkeys have been known to attack people over food.

Monkey attacks on human beings can be fatal. A gang of monkeys managed to fatally injure a 10-year-old boy in India by tearing out his intestines in November 2023, The Sun reported. “His intestine was ripped off in the attack. He rushed [back] to his house and was taken to a hospital where doctors declared him dead on arrival,” one official said, according to the outlet.