Economy, Immigration Drag Biden’s Gallup Job Approval Down to 38%

The latest Gallup poll shows the economy and immigration are dragging down Joe Biden’s jobs approval rating after cheating. 38 percent.

Biden’s disapproval rating is 59%.

Among Democrats, Biden’s approval rating is 82 percent, which is fair but not great and nowhere near the expected 90 percent-plus range.

Only 32% of independents approve of the job Biden is doing. In Biden’s first year in office, that number was 50. His disapproval rating with this group is 62 percent.

In the last Gallup poll, which measured Biden’s monthly job approval rating, his approval rating stood at 41%. His lowest score ever at Gallup is 37 percent.

What bothers Hunter’s father is his brutal support/disapproval of important issues.

Only 28% of people approve of Biden’s handling of immigration issues, while 67% (!) disapprove.

Only 30% approve of his (mis)handling of the situation in the Middle East between Israelis and Palestinians, while 62% disapprove. His numbers are a little better on “foreign affairs,” with 33 percent approving and 62 percent disapproving.

Only 36% approve of Biden’s economic response, while 61% disapprove.

As for the war in Ukraine, which should be Biden’s biggest issue, only 40% approve, while a majority of 53% oppose it.

Gallup concludes: this analysis:

Biden’s overall employment rating fell to 38%, with even lower ratings on immigration, the situation with Israel and Hamas, foreign affairs, and the economy. Although he has lost some support within his own party in recent months over issues such as immigration, the Middle East and the situation in Ukraine, his overall reputation among Democrats has not declined.

Heading into November, history suggests that if Biden is to win a second term, he will have to make a significant effort to improve his support among Democrats as well as independents.

Gallup interviewed 1,016 adults between February 1 and February 20, with a margin of error of 4 percentage points. Here are some more interesting internals.

Among the youngest surveyed, ages 18 to 34, just 30% approve of the job Biden is doing, while 64% disapprove. Biden has the biggest advantage among voters with a college degree, but even then only 52% support him.

The most worrying number for Biden is that he has only a one-point lead over “nonwhites.” The approval rate is 48% and the disapproval rate is 47%.

When it comes to economic issues, “non-whites” are not satisfied. Only 40% of people agreed and 58% opposed.

Two-thirds (66%) of independents disapprove of Biden’s economic stimulus plan, as do 27% of Democrats.

There are no outliers in this Gallup poll. According to the Real Clear Politics (RCP) average poll, Mr. Biden’s job approval rating is low at 39.7%, and his disapproval rating is 56.3%. He reversed by 16.6 points.

Biden is currently at a disadvantage in the expected showdown with former President Trump. 2 points Nationwide in the RCP poll of national polls.Biden loses in battleground states 4.7 points in arizona, 8.4 points In Nevada, 0.6 points In Wisconsin, 4.6 points In Michigan, 6 points In North Carolina, and 6.8 points In Georgia. In 2020, Biden (allegedly) won five of these states. The only battleground state where Biden holds a lead is Pennsylvania, where Biden holds a lead. less than Score.

Polls from the 2020 campaign showed that Trump never came closer than 4 points to Biden nationally and did little in battleground states.

There is no doubt that 2024 is a losing battle for President Trump, especially given the resurgence of inflation. And if you keep doing stupid things like yelling at Jimmy Kimmel, you could lose it. After eight months of near-normalcy, we have President Trump again. Why is this nonsense done, which has no merit and only serves to remind those sitting on suburban fences why he is hated? That’s just stupid. Did I mention that’s stupid?