Eddie Vedder says new song is about Trump’s election denial

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder has explained the meaning behind the band’s politically-themed songs on their album Dark Matter.

song titled “”debris” Vedder said. timescalling the former president and candidate “desperate to win” and only trying to avoid prison.

“There’s a man in America who still says he didn’t lose the election,” he told British media. “And people are echoing and amplifying that message as if it were true.”

“Trump is desperate. I don’t think there’s a candidate more desperate to win to keep himself out of jail and avoid bankruptcy. Everything is at stake, and he’s playing the victim — at least. They’re doing this to me, otherwise they would be doing the same to you, but you’re not falsifying your tax records,” he continued.

Some of the song’s lyrics hint at Trump’s unwillingness to admit he’s wrong unless he wins by any means necessary and leaves nothing in his path.

Oh, different thoughts come not only at night
That I no longer care who’s wrong and who’s right
This winner’s game takes everything and leaves nothing behind
The spoils go to the victor, and the other is left for dead.

Well, scrape through the wreckage.
hold on, hold on
Scrape through the wreckage

There is no sensitive information in the basement. So this song is about not letting one person tear you apart, especially one for no good reason,” Vedder continued.

Prompted about the possibility that Trump’s time in the spotlight may be dwindling, the singer said he felt that anyone who didn’t feel some sort of psychological misgivings about the 45th president might not be a “sensible” person. Told.

“I can’t wait,” Vedder said of the end of the Trump era. “Most sensible people are experiencing some degree of PTSD from this right now, so you’re probably right.”

The 59-year-old concluded by poetically stating that art is the truest expression of an individual’s personality.

“I wanted to express myself through music, whether someone heard it or not…I think if someone hears this, maybe they’ll get to know me better.” .That’s probably the power of any art form: actually getting to know someone.

Released on April 19, 2024, it is Pearl Jam’s 12th studio album. The band has sold more than 25 million albums worldwide since their 1991 debut, Ten, went Diamond (13 times platinum).

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