Why Trump’s middle ground on abortion is shrewd, but can’t please everyone

For half a century, the two sides have been in a deadly battle over the emotional and seemingly intractable issue of abortion. Most people believed that nothing would change. Roe v. Wade seemed to guarantee that. And while the pro-life movement chipped away at restrictions, both sides were able to use strong rhetoric because constitutional […]

Biden mocks Trump’s ‘infrastructure week’: ‘He didn’t build a damn thing’

President Biden attacked former President Trump on Monday during a fundraiser in his predecessor’s hometown of New York City. Biden praised his efforts on infrastructure investment, including signing the bipartisan Infrastructure Act of 2021. He also said that under the previous government, “Infrastructure Week” had become a “joke”. “He didn’t create much,” Biden said in […]

DeSantis defends Trump’s Russia policy after praise from Putin

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Sunday defended former President Donald Trump’s Russia policy after praise from Russian President Vladimir Putin prompted criticism from within the Republican Party. “The idea that President Trump is a subordinate of President Putin is simply false,” DeSantis told Howard Kurtz. Fox News’s “Media Buzz”. “He had a very strong […]

Mike Pence reacts to Trump’s apparent ‘confused’ comments on Obama, WWII

Former Vice President Mike Pence responded to former President Donald Trump’s two gaffes on Sunday, amid growing conversation about the ages of the Republican and Democratic front-runners. Pence appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday with host Jake Tapper. Mr. Tapper asked Mr. Pence whether the top Republican candidates should be subject to […]