Eric Schwerin ‘not aware’ of Joe Biden role in Hunter’s biz, ex-associate blasts ‘carefully worded’ testimony

Eric Schwerin, Hunter Biden’s business partner, told Congressional investigators on Tuesday that he is not aware of any foreign payments received by the Biden family, and that Hunter Biden’s business partner, Eric Schwerin, told Congressional investigators that he is not aware of any foreign payments received by the Biden family. He said he was “not aware” of his role, a source told Fox News Digital. .

Schwerin appeared behind closed doors Tuesday to give transcripts of interviews before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees as part of the House impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

In an opening statement obtained by Fox News Digital, Schwerin told the committee that from 2009 to 2017, he “performed numerous administrative and bookkeeping tasks related to the household finances of then-Vice President Joe Biden.” ” he said. Mr. Schwerin also testified that he was cooperating with Mr. Biden’s policies. The accountant was involved in preparing his taxes and annual financial disclosure statements.

One of Mr. Schwerin’s former business associates told FOX News Digital that Mr. Schwerin’s opening statement sounded “coordinating,” adding that if pursued by House Oversight Committee investigators, he would not be able to report emails or business transactions. It added that the content could contradict Schwerin’s “carefully worded” statements.

House members to hear additional witness testimony from Hunter Biden’s business partner during impeachment inquiry

Mr. Schwerin’s interview before the committee on Tuesday marked his first formal testimony. He met with House Oversight Committee staff last March.

Eric Schwerin (left) with President Biden and Hunter Biden (Fox News)

Schwerin said he met Hunter Biden while working at the Commerce Department in the Clinton administration, and after working in government, he and his eldest son joined a law firm and lobbying firm.

Schwerin co-founded Rosemont Seneca Partners with Hunter Biden and others. He described the company as a “consulting and investment firm that provides development and public policy advisory services to a broad range of clients.”

Hunter Biden paid Joe Biden from Account for Biz, which received payments from China: COMER

“In the course of performing these duties, I had access to both access to and exit from Vice President Biden’s bank accounts while he was Vice President,” Schwerin said in his opening statement. “Based on that insight, I am not aware of any financial transactions or compensation that Vice President Biden received in connection with, or involvement in, business conducted by his family or their associates. Nor.”

Schwerin also said that he “does not recall ever asking Vice President Biden to take any official action on behalf of Mr. Hunter’s clients or foreign or domestic business dealings.”

“In fact, I am not aware of Vice President Biden having any role in Mr. Hunter’s business activities, either as a public official or as a private citizen. None.”

Regarding his interactions with Mr. Biden, Mr. Schwerin testified that he “never asked Mr. Biden to take any official action in the interest of Mr. Hunter’s clients or any of his other clients.”

“Furthermore, I have no recollection of Hunter or myself making any promises or suggestions to any of our clients or business associates that our father would take any official action on their behalf. None.” “In my discussions with the Vice President about his personal finances, he has always made it clear that he wants to take the most transparent and ethical approach that is consistent with both the spirit and the letter of the law.”

President Biden and son Hunter Biden are seen at the White House

President Biden and his son Hunter Biden attend the annual Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House on April 10, 2023. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Mr Schwerin added: “Given my knowledge of his financial situation and clear instructions to his financial advisors, the allegation that he would engage in fraud for his own or his family’s benefit is to me absurd.” “There is,” he added.

A person familiar with the testimony told Fox News Digital that Schwerin’s opening statement was “tailored to be very specific and does not reflect his knowledge and participation in the Biden family’s business plans, which the committee is seeking information about today.” “It doesn’t cover most of the questions about it.”

Despite having worked for and with Biden, Schwerin “has no knowledge of any major foreign payments to Biden,” said a person familiar with the private testimony. ” he said.

As vice president, Biden used an email alias to communicate directly with Hunter’s business partners.

“Eric Schwerin, speaking out about Hunter Biden’s financial dealings, admitted in an interview today that he had no insight into payments from entities or individuals in China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan or Romania,” sources said. told Fox News Digital.

Schwerin’s testimony alleges that Joe Biden, as vice president, used email aliases and private email addresses to communicate hundreds of times with Hunter Biden and his business associates, including Schwerin. This comes after Fox News Digital first reported that. The communications spanned from 2010 to 2019, with the bulk of the email traffic occurring while Biden was vice president.

president joe biden

President Biden speaks during an event at Earthrider Brewery in Superior, Wisconsin, Thursday, January 25, 2024. (Nicole Neri/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The House Ways and Means Committee, which is co-leading the impeachment inquiry along with the Oversight and Judiciary Committees, said 54 of these emails were sent “exclusively” between Joe Biden and Schwerin. He said it was something. The Ways and Means Committee describes Mr. Schwerin as “the architect of the Biden family’s shell companies.”

Meanwhile, data shows that direct emails between Mr. Schwerin and then-Vice President Biden increased during the vice president’s visit to Ukraine.

Oversight Democrats admit Hunter’s longtime business partner managed Biden’s finances while he was vice president

The committee said data shows Joe Biden and Schwerin exchanged five emails in June 2014, before the vice president’s trip to Ukraine that month.

After that trip, he and Schwerin emailed 27 times until Biden returned to Ukraine in November 2014.

Hunter Biden joined the board of Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings in April 2014.


Biden acknowledged that while he was vice president, he successfully pressured Ukraine to fire Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin. At the time, Shokin was investigating Burisma Holdings. During the same period, Hunter Biden held a highly lucrative role on the board of directors, receiving thousands of dollars each month.

At the time, the vice president threatened to withhold $1 billion in vital U.S. aid if Mr. Shokin was not fired.

Biden supporters argue that the vice president pushed for Shokin’s removal over concerns that Ukraine’s prosecutors were mitigating corruption, and that Shokin’s removal is a policy position of the United States and the international community. .



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