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Euro 2024: trio of games await on day two as Scotland react to thrashing – live | Euro 2024

Good day and welcome to our Euro 2024 live blog. We’ll have all the usual business, including the build-up to today’s three games:



  • Hungary v Switzerland (Group A, 2pm)

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  • Spain v Croatia (Group B, 5pm)

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  • Italy v Albania (Group B, 8pm)

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If you’re lucky we might even have some chat about the England team. We start, alas, with a tale of Scottish woe. They were marmalised by the hosts Germany in last night’s opening game, and the first half was so bad that the eventual score of 5-1 was almost a relief.


Scotland were three goals and one man down at half-time after an overzealous Ryan Porteous went for Ilkay Gundogan’s right leg like a tree surgeon. But it’s not the end of the world, or even the Euros: Scotland’s potential progress was always likely to be decided by the games against Switzerland (Wednesday) and Hungary (next Sunday).


Here’s what Ewan Murray made of events in Munich.

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Important Events

Outside of the euro, there is some terrible news. Millwall and Montenegro goalkeeper Matija Sarkic has died aged 26. Reports say he fell ill in his apartment in the town of Budva this morning.


Germany was amazing last night. A sensitive footballer, an unemotional ball-winner and a shrewd… I can’t use that word. RaumdeuterBecause it’s too early to make a bid for Pseuds Corner, but equally saying “smart players with good positioning between the lines” kills the rhythm of the sentence. Ah, you know what I mean. They were absolutely brilliant. And so is this article by Jonathan Liew.




Hello and welcome to our Euro 2024 live blog, where we’ll bring you the usual, including our preparations for today’s three matches.

  • Hungary v Switzerland (Group A, 2pm)

  • Spain v Croatia (Group B, 5pm)

  • Italy vs Albania (Group B, 8pm)

With any luck, we might even get a chance to talk about the England national team. Unfortunately, we start with the tale of Scotland’s misery, who were soundly defeated by hosts Germany in their opening game last night, with a first half so terrible that the final score of 5-1 was a relief.

Scotland were three goals down and one man down by half-time when an overzealous Ryan Porteous aimed like a tree surgeon at Ilkay Gündogan’s right foot, but it was not the end of the world, or the end of the Euros. Scotland’s chances of progressing were always likely to be decided by their matches against Switzerland (Wednesday) and Hungary (next Sunday).

Here’s what Ewan Murray thought about what happened in Munich: