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Ex-Con Teacher at Elite Private School Arrested for Sharing ‘Inappropriate Sexualized Images’

Ex-offender danger! Authorities said Champion, who taught at a prestigious private school in New York City, was arrested in front of his students for “disseminating intimate images via social media.”

Winston Nguyen, a math teacher with an existing criminal record who was accused of stealing $300,000 from an elderly couple where he worked, was taken into custody last Thursday from St. Ann’s School in Brooklyn Heights. New York Post report.

“Nguyen has not been charged, but is under investigation by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, sources confirmed to The Washington Post,” the outlet reported.

Nguyen was released on Saturday while his lawyers await information from prosecutors regarding the charges.

“We await the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office’s decision regarding the charges against Mr. Nguyen,” said attorney Frank Rothman. post“We expect to see some movement in the near future.”

St. Ann’s principal Kenyatte Reid informed parents that the educator, who taught middle and high school students, was arrested as part of an investigation “dating back to January 2024.”

According to the Daily Beast, a few days after Nguyen’s arrest, Reid contacted her parents to tell them the arrest was in connection with “inappropriate sexual imagery” and that Nguyen was banned from contacting anyone at the school or on campus. report.

“This incident is deeply disturbing to all of us,” Reed wrote. “We take pride in our incredible faculty and trust-based learning environment.”

A spokesperson for St. Anne’s, where parents of high school students pay for Over $60,000 per year To send the children away Confirmed He told The Daily Beast that the teacher is “a suspect in an ongoing investigation related to the dissemination of intimate images through social media.”

“Following his arrest on Thursday, the school immediately placed him on administrative leave and he remains on administrative leave,” the spokesperson added.

Prior to her position at St. Anne’s, Nguyen Caretaker The case happened in 2009 for a 96-year-old blind man and his 92-year-old wife, Patch said.

By 2015, Nguyen began stealing from the couple by using their bank accounts and credit cards to make more than $100,000 in purchases and cash withdrawals, opening lines of credit and writing checks to himself for more than $200,000, prosecutors said.

While incarcerated at Rikers Island, Nguyen “publicly criticized” the city’s Department of Corrections, appeared on two radio shows with then-Mayor Bill de Blasio and later filed a lawsuit against the city, the Journal reported. post, He was called an “activist inmate.”. ”

Just a year after his release from prison in 2019, Nguyen got a job at St. Ann’s.

According to The Daily Beast, the school said that a nonviolent criminal record “is not a barrier to employment.”

“Schools carefully and thoughtfully assess job applicants’ suitability for the school,” she added.