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Ex-Nashville cop charged after groping OnlyFans star’s breasts during mock traffic stop: police

A Nashville police officer who was fired last month after he was found appearing in a lewd OnlyFans video while on duty was criminally charged Thursday for his actions, authorities said.

Former police officer Sean Herman’s employment issues turned into a legal headache this week after he appeared in an online video that showed him groping an OnlyFans star’s breast during a mock traffic stop more than a month ago.

Shawn Herman was indicted on two criminal charges Thursday. MNPD

The 33-year-old man was arrested at his home Thursday and charged with two counts of misconduct as a public official, Metro Nashville police said. According to WZTV.

Police previously said the former officer was in uniform during the filming of an adult video produced by local celebrity Jordan.

After being “pulled over,” Jordan removed her top to expose her breasts and invited him to touch them to avoid a fine. News Channel 5 reported earlier. She was seen on the video grabbing the officer’s groin as he groped her breasts.

Police say he got into trouble after appearing in videos with OnlyFans creators.
Police say he got into trouble after appearing in videos with OnlyFans creators. Via Levi Ismail/NewsChannel5

The officer’s head was not visible from the shoulders up, but as he reached over the OnlyFans creator’s chest, part of his police insignia was briefly exposed, indicating he works for the Nashville Police Department.

Authorities said Thursday that their investigation determined the video was made in a warehouse parking lot on April 26, while Herman was working as a patrol officer, WZTV reported.

Herman served as a police officer for three years before being fired.

Metro Nashville Police previously called the officers’ actions “completely outrageous.”