Ex-WNBA player says solution needed for transgender athletes

Former WNBA player Val Whiting called for a new solution for transgender athletes to participate in track and field without participating in women’s sports.

The 52-year-old New Jersey native was a two-time national champion at Stanford University in 1990 and 1992. She went on to play in the American Basketball League, the first women’s professional basketball league in the United States, until it was shut down in 2016. 1998. She then played in the WNBA until 2002.

Whiting has a history of speaking out about protecting women’s sports, including after the 2024 women’s national championships.

“While many of our basketball sisters feel differently, trans women should not participate in women’s sports. It is neither fair nor safe for biological women,” Whiting wrote. X. “To allow trans women to compete in competitions, we need other solutions besides having them compete against biological women.”

Whiting’s comments came on the heels of NCAA champion coach Dawn Staley saying that transgender athletes are. should play against women.

Staley added: “If you’re a woman, you should play. If you identify as a woman and want to play sports, or vice versa, you should be able to play.”

Whiting has taken strong positions on this topic in recent years.

she has clearly stated “Supporting women’s sports is not anti-transgender,” he said, supplementing her opinion with his own beliefs.

“I’m a Christian. I’m pro-life. I believe in two genders. Trans women should not participate in women’s sports. Marriage should be between a man and a woman, as God designed it. “Drag queens definitely don’t belong in schools,” she said. July 2023.

Whiting has championed women in many competitive settings, including when male chess players defeated women in competitions.

‘Standing up for female athletes is not misogyny or transphobia,’ says Whiting. declared. “But allowing men to be in women’s spaces and expecting female athletes to accept it is misogyny at its finest. You need to hate it.”

The International Chess Federation banned men from competing in the women’s division in August 2023.

On the same day as Whiting’s latest comments, the National Association of Collegiate Athletics voted unanimously Ban transgender athletes from participating in sports.

Although this was praised by many, some critics argued that a blanket ban on all sports, both on an individual and team basis, was unfair to transgender athletes.

Author Katie Burns argued on CNN that it remains unclear whether “transgender women always have an advantage in all sports,” regardless of medical treatment.

“I don’t think the scientific literature supports that at this point,” Burns told host Jake Tapper.

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