Israelis No Longer Want Two-State Solution After October 7 Attack

Breitbart News senior editor Joel Pollack said on JNS TV on Tuesday that Israelis no longer want a two-state solution after the Oct. 7 attack. “Hamas must be eliminated, or Israelis will not be able to live in the area,” Pollack said. “If Israel cannot eliminate this threat to itself, it will call into question […]

Government funding private education is not the solution

I recently attended a conservative policy event focused in part on promoting the benefits of universal school choice. I reaffirmed my opposition to this legislative trend, even though such legislation would be financially profitable for my business and for me personally. The Texas Legislature last week removed universal school choice from a sweeping reform bill. […]

Progressives Abandoned Two-State Solution for ‘From the River to the Sea’

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” new york times Columnist David Brooks notes that the progressive wing of the Democratic Party has taken a “river-to-sea” position on Israel, completely abandoning the two-state solution in favor of an ambiguous one-state solution. said. “I think the big story here is that there’s a rift between liberals and progressives,” Brooks […]

Two-State Solution Must Come Out of These Horrible Actions

Rep. Madeline Dean (D-Pennsylvania) said Friday on MSNBC’s “The Jose Diaz-Balart Report” that there is no two-state solution to the Israel-Hamas war that began with the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack. He said that measures must be taken. Mr Dean said: “I would say it started with a meeting with the Prime Minister and we […]