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Explosions and gunfire rock Maine city as cops shoot gunman dead after hours-long manhunt

Gunfire and explosions erupted in a central Maine city early Saturday morning, leading to a fierce gunfight between a gunman and police that left the gunman dead.

A woman in Auburn, Maine, called 911 at 12:57 a.m. to report that her partner was struggling with a man with a gun, later identified as Lewin Hinckley, 43, who was attempting to break into their home, said Auburn Police Deputy Chief Timothy A. Kugle. Press conference Saturday afternoon.

Kugle said she heard gunshots in the background while she was on the phone, and by the time officers arrived she had fled, but her home was on fire.

A violent shootout took place between police and Leanne Hinckley in Auburn, Maine. Google Maps

Hinckley opened fire when officers arrived and yelled at officers from inside the woman’s home, and minutes later he fired again at officers, Coogle said.

Around 1:30 p.m., police found the fire had spread to a neighboring home. Both homes were destroyed, authorities said.

The attacker then fled, hiding in a neighbor’s garage before heading to the roof of another house.

According to Maine State Police Colonel William Ross, police shot and killed Hinckley at 5:36 a.m. after he brandished a gun.

Ross said Hinckley had a criminal history: He was convicted of domestic violence and felonious assault in 2011 and had been out on bail since June 12 after being held on probation violations that included a more recent domestic violence arrest.

Maine State Police have issued a shelter-in-place order for the city of Auburn because a crazed man is on the loose with a gun. Facebook/Auburn Fire Department

Nearby homes were evacuated and Central Maine Power cut off power to the area.

The authorities temporarily issued Residents in the area were ordered to shelter in place during the fighting.

Police are searching for the man who was the victim of the robbery.

One officer sustained minor injuries but was treated and released from hospital.

Nearby homes were evacuated and Central Maine Power cut off power to the area. Facebook/Maine State Police Fire EMS Sheriff Scanner Radio

“Many questions remain unanswered” and the investigation is still in its early stages, Coogle said.

The Maine Attorney General’s Office will also be investigating the use of deadly force.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating the fire. News Center Maine reported.

“It was a morning of tension and tragedy at Auburn,” Koogle said at a news conference.

“An incident like the one we experienced today is most frightening for our community, especially given the incident that occurred last October.”

Auburn is just a mile from Lewiston, where Robert Card shot and killed 18 people on Oct. 25 in the state’s deadliest mass shooting.