Robert Card told Maine cops he was ‘capable’ before shooting

Maine shooter Robert Card says he has “something” to do during welfare check, three months before killing 18 people inside a bar and bowling alley in the deadliest mass shooting in the state’s history He told police he had “competence.” The mysterious statement was made in July when New York State Police executed an order […]

Cities at Breaking Point in California, Colorado, and Maine over Biden Border Crisis

With an influx of more than 40,000 immigrants since 2022, Denver is reaching breaking point under the weight of the cost of providing immigrants with free housing, free health care, free legal advice, free education for their children, and more. . In response, Democratic Mayor Mike Johnston responded by making significant funding cuts to city […]

Maine grandpa drowns when ATV driven by grandson plunges through icy lake

An 88-year-old grandfather died on a lake in Maine when the ATV he and his grandson were riding broke through the ice, plunging the grandson into frigid water. Authorities said Floyd Hardison was ice fishing with his son and two grandsons at Spring River Lake in Hancock County on Friday when the family decided to […]

Maine must release voter rolls to conservative group for audits, court rules

A federal appeals court has ruled that Maine must release its voter list to conservative advocacy groups that conduct independent audits, ruling that the state’s restrictions on list distribution violate the National Voter Registration Act. I concluded that there is. The Public Interest Law Foundation sued the state of Maine over its decision to block […]

Backlash causes Maine family to abandon plan to honor veterans with flagpole

A family in Maine has decided to abandon their plans to build the world’s tallest flagpole. The proposal, introduced two years ago, sparked controversy in the Town of Columbia Falls and led to an upcoming vote on a zoning ordinance for large-scale developments. Instead of moving forward with the flagpole project, the family plans to […]

Maine drug bust, after suspected house fire was steam from marijuana operation

In a bizarre turn of events in Maine last week, what residents believed was a fire turned into a major drug bust. According to the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office, at 11:24 a.m. on Jan. 31, a concerned resident of the Town of Turner called emergency services for a structure fire and possible smoke coming from […]


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