‘Fallout’s Most Terrifying Sequence Comes in Episode 3 When The Gulper Enters The Fray

new fall out series prime video is intense and action-packed, but “scary” doesn’t really describe it. When you tease a story about nuclear disaster or world war, one might expect zombies, reckless murder, and strangely mutated creatures. The new series doesn’t offer much in that regard, instead offering complex stories with an emphasis on world-building and emotion. That said, there is a scene in the third episode that is downright terrifying.

Produced by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the series takes place in the same fictional world as the popular 1997 video game. Over eight episodes, the show follows a group of survivors of a nuclear apocalyptic disaster more than 200 years into their lives.

Ella Purnell plays optimistic vault dweller Lucy, Walton Goggins plays ruthless bounty hunter Ghoul, and Aaron Moten plays Maximus, a member of the Brotherhood of Steel.

As the season progresses, Lucy embarks on a search for her father, who was kidnapped from the vault after his ill-fated wedding day, Ghouls continue their search for her family, and Maximus is sent on a mission to track down fugitive scientist Sigi Wilzig. (Michael Emerson).

Sigi dies by suicide and tells Lucy to cut off his own head and deliver it to Moldaver (Sarita Chowdhury), the woman who kidnapped her father. However, in episode 3, “The Head,” her plans are thwarted by a sea monster called Gulper. Gulpers appear as large four-legged amphibians with fleshy bodies.

The ghoul and Lucy pass each other, and Lucy, held at gunpoint by a bounty hunter, informs him that the ghoul has been stolen. “I lost it, I lost it,” Lucy says to the ghoul. He asked her as she stepped into the pile of mucus and turned her around. “Gulper figured it out, didn’t he?”

fallout episode 3
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I can’t help but suspect that the ghoul knows more about this creature than the rescued young woman. When viewers reunite with the two, the ghoul ties Lucy to her pulley and uses it to submerge her in radioactive water for an extended period of time.

“Stop! Torture is wrong,” cried Lucy, summoned to catch her breath.

Ghoul agrees. “I used to do something called research. You couldn’t open a newspaper without reading about some kind of research,” he says. “Anyway, this particular study came out saying that torturing people isn’t a bad thing.” The ghoul drops Lucy into the water and pulls her up. “What I’m trying to say is, if you ask me, their research was correct. Don’t do such terrible things as torture people…I’m not torturing you, Sweetheart. I’m using you as bait.”

Oh, does that mean…? correct! The ghoul is trying to use Lucy to lure Gulper. When the sea monster returns, a chase begins that is much longer than its initial appearance.

Fallout Ep3 A giant monster rises

Lucy screams as a creature with several sets of teeth in its mouth lunges at her and climbs onto land. She stared in shock, then kicked her gulper and flinched away from her. The ghoul stands up and stabs it, but Gulper brushes him off with his tail. A ghoul dog attacks the beast and bites its hand, causing the beast to back away in pain and back into the water.

The scene was a nightmarish few minutes of pure adrenaline and fear. The creature looked like it came straight out of a horror movie, unlike the adorable two-headed cow from episode 2, and since the story had just begun, it was unclear if one of the main characters would be injured. .

If you’re looking for horror, fall out It’s not a show you should rely on. But if you’re open to a long journey through a post-apocalyptic wasteland with occasional scares, you’re in the right place.

fall out Season 1 is currently available on Prime Video.