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Famous Street Artist Sabo Mocks Biden, George Clooney With Provocative Drawings In Los Angeles

Popular street artist Sabo unveiled several fake ads that take some shots at President Joe Biden and the A-list celebrity couple, the Clooneys.

Sabo tagged “the area near Peacock Theater in Los Angeles with fake ads that criticize Biden and his family, along with Clooney and his wife Amal, a human-rights attorney,” Newsweek reported. The artwork reportedly popped up as a response to an upcoming visit to Los Angeles, California ,from President Biden and the Clooney family, where the president and George Clooney will be interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel on Saturday.

The outlet wrote that the most eye-catching art piece “is likely one with an image of Amal Clooney wearing a suicide vest with her right hand clutching a detonator. Included is the verbiage: ‘Looney Clooney is the bomb.’” (RELATED: Street Artist Hijacks ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Billboard, Uses Image Of Roman Polanski and Jeffrey Epstein)

In an interview with Newsweek, Sabo said that the fake ad’s purpose is “a reference” to the recent work Amal Clooney has done with the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The ICC announced that it had issued arrest warrants for top officials within Hamas, as well as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant, in light of the current war, the outlet reported. However, President Biden was not a fan of the ICC’s advice, which in turn upset George Clooney. (RELATED: REPORT: ‘Upset’ George Clooney Calls White House Official To Defend Wife’s Work In Case Biden Called ‘Outrageous’)


Sabo also displayed a parody movie poster of “O Brother Where Art Thou?” swapping Clooney and fellow actors’ faces with Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and James Biden, Newsweek reported.

The artist told the outlet, “I really don’t care for Hollywood elites who don’t feel the pain of Biden’s policies championing his run for reelection, particularly when we plebs are suffering so much after three years of Biden.”

Sabo also provided the streets of Hollywood with his take on Ashley Biden’s shower comments that we uncovered from her stolen diary. The street artist displayed a fake Bed Bath and Beyond ad with Joe Biden and Ashley Biden both poking their heads out from a shower curtain, the outlet reported.

Sabo took a jab at George Clooney with a faux “ER” ad of Clooney as Dr. Doug Ross with the words “Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s real and many suffer but there’s help,” the outlet reported.

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