‘General Hospital’ Actor Shot and Killed During Alleged Car Theft in Los Angeles

Johnny Wactor, who played Brando Corbin, general Hospitalwas shot and killed on Saturday during a suspected car theft. He was 37 years old. The tragic shooting reportedly happened when Wachter and a co-worker witnessed three men attempting to steal a catalytic converter from his vehicle. Wachter’s mother, Scarlett Wachter, said her son confronted the suspects, […]

Los Angeles County moves back ‘Jane Fonda Day’ after backlash from Vietnamese Americans

Los Angeles County voted Tuesday to postpone the memorial day honoring actress Jane Fonda to April 30th. The originally proposed date sparked opposition from Vietnamese Americans and state legislators. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors originally proposed April 30th as “Jane Fonda Day,” a day to honor Jane Fonda’s climate change work during “Earth […]

Matthew Perry: Los Angeles police launch investigation into actor’s death | Matthew Perry

Six months after Matthew Perry’s death from the acute effects of the anesthetic ketamine, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) are launching a joint criminal investigation into how the Friends star obtained his prescription drugs. It started.Source confirmed Los Angeles Times on tuesday. Perry died on October 28, 2023, […]

Two Bodies Found in ‘Human-Dug Cave’ in Los Angeles Homeless Encampment

Two bodies and a white powder later found to contain fentanyl were found in a “man-dug cave” in Los Angeles, California, authorities said Sunday. A Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) hazardous materials team was called to the Northridge neighborhood where two men were found dead at ABC7, believed to be a homeless encampment, around 10:30 […]

Jeffrey Katzenberg Compares Trump to Hitler in Los Angeles Speech

It feels like 2016 has started all over again. With just six months until the presidential election, Democrats are aggressively pushing the Trump-Hitler narrative, with former Disney president Jeffrey Katzenberg trying to scare and unite his deeply divided base on the left. He is the latest figure to revive this stale analogy, with obvious intent. […]