Fani Willis prosecutor scolded by Georgia judge in shouting match: ‘Should have gotten yourself together’

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Prosecutors in Georgia’s Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis’ office got into a heated argument Wednesday over evidence issues with the judge overseeing the trial of rapper Young Thug.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Adrian Love and Fulton County Judge Ural Granville got into a heated shouting match after the judge ruled to exclude evidence Love wanted to introduce.

“Why didn’t you bring this up months ago? Let’s get it out there and put it out there,” Glanville told the defense before asking Love about the case.

The judge asked Love if prosecutors discussed the evidence before excluding the material. When Love started complaining, Granville said, “Then we should have all prepared in advance.”

Young Thug label rapper FN Duderer indicted on murder charges after Atlanta shootings

Rapper Young Thug sits as prosecutors argue with a judge in a Georgia courtroom Wednesday. (WAGA; AP)

“Please sit down, ma’am, please sit down,” he said after instructing court officials to summon the jury, who were not present during the exchange. “Leave that out and prepare better next time.”

Love claimed that her team attempted to discuss the evidence with the defense.

“Oh, that won’t be allowed now,” Granville replied. “I’m not going to discuss this further, ma’am.”

“Judge, we talked to them about it this morning! And we tried to talk to them earlier this week!” Love exclaimed. “Sir, are you saying that the court will punish the state because of its defense?”

“I’m not punishing anyone,” the judge replied. “However, advance preparation can prevent performance degradation.”

Young rapper thug arrested in Atlanta on suspicion of street gang activity

Young Thug attends court hearing

This photo shows Young Thug attending the YSL case hearing in Atlanta on December 22, 2022. (Arvin Temkar/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP, File)

“Judge, we’ve been preparing! That’s why we sent them what we sent last week! A whole week and a half ago! Two weeks ago, sir!” Granville says as the jury comes into the room. Before he could say that, Mr. Love exclaimed.

Love’s boss, Fani Willis, drew national attention when she prosecuted former President Trump for election interference.

Willis was accused of having an “inappropriate” relationship with Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor hired to prosecute Trump. She was also accused of financially benefiting her from the position Mr. Wade held in her office. Both Willis and Wade denied the charges.

Mr. Wade resigned from the case.allowing Willis to stay with it.

Love is the lead prosecutor in the trial against Young Thug. based in atlanta Hip-hop artist, real name Jeffrey Lamar Williams.

Mr. Williams and six others were charged in connection with their participation in a criminal street gang that committed violent crimes. Additionally, he is charged with racketeering conspiracy charges as well as drug and gun charges.

Young Thug has achieved great success since he started rapping as a teenager and is the CEO of his own record label, Young Stoner Life (YSL). Artists on his record label are considered part of the “Slime Family” and his compilation album “Slime Language 2” rose to No. 1 on the charts in April 2021.

Mr. Willis at a recent evidentiary hearing.

Fulton County Prosecutor Fani Willis winked before being sworn in to testify at a hearing regarding her inappropriate relationship with Nathan Wade. (Screenshot/Fox News)


But prosecutors allege that YSL also stands for Young Slime Life, a violent Atlanta-based street gang affiliated with the national Bloods gang and known as Young Slime Life. It claims to have been founded in 2012 by two people including Sag. violent crime Carry out criminal acts such as murders, shootings, and carjackings to raise funds for your gang, increase its reputation, and expand its power and territory.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.